Dec. 22, 2004

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Thad Matta, Ohio State Head Coach
Opening statement
“I have said all along that Mercer is a good basketball team and I think they played pretty well tonight. I think we lost some intensity in the early going defensively.”

On Terence Dials and Tony Stockman
“I thought Terence (Dials) and Tony (Stockman) both had good nights. We have been on Tony a little bit to get up on the boards and I think he really took it to heart to get on the boards a little better.”

On the team
“With these guys our main focus is getting better every day. I think it will really begin to hit home more in January when we hear people start to say who is going to the tournament, so our main focus is to be the best team that we can be.”

J.J. Sullinger, Ohio State junior guard
On the team’s rebounding efforts
“I think we just try to carry our practice into the games and we’ve spent a lot of time working on boxing out in practice. Coaches just say ‘go and get it’ in practice all the time and we just tried to carry that over.”

On the team’s 100 points
“It was pretty exciting. For me I have never been on a team that has scored 100 points. And to be a part of the first team in eight years to score 100 is pretty exciting.”

Terence Dials, Ohio State junior center
On his game play against Mercer
“Basically throughout the game I tried to stay aggressive and get myself in position every play. My teammates fed me the ball to places where I wouldn’t have to make too many moves to get to the basket and that put me in better position to score.”

Tony Stockman, Ohio State senior guard
On his assists
“You have to give it up to get it back.”

Mark Slonaker, Mercer head coach
Opening statement
“I think Thad has done a tremendous job. He has put his players in a tremendous position to be successful. They really have a nice team and they are very explosive offensively. We knew it would be a tough game because we gave up some much size. Dials had a tremendous game.”

On getting down early
“Whenever you get down double digits to a team in the Big Ten team or in the ACC it is tough to catch up.”

On (Terence) Dials’ performance
“Dials is a good player and it is really great to see a player like him begin to blossom. When he gets you on his back he is very tough to defend. Ohio State is a good team and they could really pose some problems for some teams in the Big Ten this season.”