Oct. 14, 2012

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No. 8 Ohio State (7-0, 3-0) 52 at Indiana (2-4, 0-3) 49
Memorial Stadium – Bloomington, Ind.
Oct. 13, 2012
Attendance: 48, 880

Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer
Opening Statement:
“IU was much improved. It’s always good sportsmanship. We are not good in certain areas and we were exposed. Spread offensives right now are really exposing us right now. We have got to get something fixed. I don’t want to take anything away. We are 7-0 and we ran the ball for 350 yards and had two guys really haul it running the ball. We have got to get back to work. We go back 7-0 and we have got to find a way to get better as Purdue rolls in Ohio State next week.

On concerns about finishing, effort or schematics defensively?
“I don’t know. I have to get more involved and find out what the issues are. I know injuries are an issue. When you take your starting fullback and start him at inside linebacker, you have a little problem. I don’t think you can pinpoint one thing right now. I have got to find out. I am going to increase my involvement with the defense.”

On good games by Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde:
“They started off slow. But they came back, and came back in a flurry. The good thing is that I saw possession of time around 36 minutes. There are some real strong positives in there right now. Most important positive right now is that you have a group of players and coaches getting on a plane right now heading back to Columbus 7-0. With an opportunity to go 8-0, and we have to get the 8-0 somehow.”

Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson
Opening Statement:
“It was a real exciting game, it was a little tough. We just came up short there. They have a really good team. The way they practice and play is tough to do; they made a bunch of plays on us. They had some points, but we battled. Offensively, we were a little off, but close; we are getting there. We made another play on special teams. I have a lot of respect for our kids. We kept fighting. It’s just disappointing to be short again. That is a good football team we played. I think they do things in great ways. I appreciate our kids fighting and competing with them, we just have to find ways to get it done. We’re close, we’ll keep plugging at it, working at it as we keep moving forward. Being close isn’t good enough though.”

On Indiana’s record scoring against Ohio State:
“It’s not enough. We went with Nate (Sudfeld) at the end. He got hot and made some plays and we got the onside kick. If we don’t have some drops in the first half, Cam would have been a little bit better. They did have the interception but we were lucky they dropped a couple. Cam (Coffman) had one earlier and Nate had one at the end. It’s a team game. If you can’t score, you have to hold them to two or three, and if you can’t stop them then you have to score 52. It’s never offense against defense; it’s the dynamic of putting it together. Sometimes your offense is going to struggle and the defense and special teams will keep you covered. Sometimes your defense is the one that struggles and your offense has to cover. We’re not into stats of most points and not getting the “W”. We can throw that one out. We don’t want to be known for that.”

On whether the time of possession wore down the Indiana defense:
“A little bit, but you know third down stops, our first two offensive series were three and outs. They have a pretty good defense. On our first two drives we had two drops. We had a wide open guy on a boot pass, too. Our first six plays we had two drops to miss moving the chains and a wide open guy that we just missed. That’s going to happen when you have kids playing; you’re going to be off.

“Ohio State is doing a great job running the ball. Their pass game comes off of play action so it’s high percentage and the clock is going to move. Without dominating with big linemen, tight ends or big backs, and not having a running quarterback, we have to make our plays a little bit more spaced. That leads to where the numbers are off. When you look at time of possession, they had 79 plays and we had 78. So if we’re having a home run derby, they had one more swing and we didn’t. It’s really about snaps and plays. When they’re milking the clock and running around with time possession, they had the ball for 13 more minutes, got one more snap. In some ways it makes their defense fatigued because you’re ripping plays fast.”

Indiana Wide Receiver Shane Wynn
On his thoughts on the last couple of minutes of the game:
“We just have to keep fighting until the finish, never give up and never lose faith.”

On his long touchdown play:
“Just a play to perfection. I caught it in route, thought I was going to get tackled, didn’t and I just started running.”

On the play of Nate Sudfeld:
“(Cameron Coffman) performed well and Nate performed well. (Nate) stepped up big for us and we all have confidence in both of them.”

On if there is a sense of urgency with trying to get to six wins over the next few weeks:
“No, we don’t feel a sense of urgency. We take each game one at a time. You can’t win them all and you lose some. All we need to do is keep fighting.”

Indiana Defensive Back Greg Heban
On not giving up at the end:
“You can’t lose your attitude, you can’t lose the fight. If you start losing your fight it’s just going to get ugly, so you’ve just got to keep your attitude up, your mentality up and once we put it together for 60 minutes as a whole, as a team we’re going to be a good team.”

On the play of Braxton Miller:
“He’s a great quarterback, great athlete. All week we talked about how we needed to treat him as a running back and not much of a quarterback. When he gets the ball outside the perimeter, even inside the line, he breaks free and he runs. He’s a great running quarterback and we just didn’t do a great job stopping him tonight.”

On what positives can be taken from a game like this:
“Coach Wilson talked in the locker room this is two weeks in a row that we came out and played physical. Last week against Michigan State we came out and felt we like played real physical. The physicality of our team is still improving and our team in general is improving. We have a six week stretch we feel like we have a good chance to go out there and get some wins here.”