Feb. 15, 2005

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On J.J. Sullinger
“When they play off of him he has the ability to space out the floor. He does a nice job of passing the ball and reads different situations well.”

On being considered a spoiler for opponents
“I am honestly more concerned with improving during the season. I think when you coach you do not want to ruin any other coach’s chances to get to the NCAA tournament. I just want to win. I have too much respect for every coach in this league. I want our guys to go out and play well and see what happens. I don’t take pride in making anyone else’s life miserable.”

On the game
“I’ve never coached in a game where the shot clock was more involved in the game. The first time we played them (Indiana) they made plays and tonight we were able to knock down a couple more shots. We were a little more sound defensively than we were over at Indiana.”

On the win
“This was a good win for us for several reasons. For one, it was a team that beat us earlier in the season and after that game, I told our team that when we play them (Indiana) again I want for us to be the better basketball team.”

On Je’Kel Foster
“I thought Je’Kel was our MVP tonight. He defended well and he was active on the boards. When he gets that look in his eye he really makes you feel good that he is on your team.”

J.J. Sullinger, junior guard
On the game
“We just had to make plays down the stretch. That’s what we said we had to do in this game. Last time at Indiana the game came down to them making plays at the beginning so we knew we had to make plays.” On making a shot after an inbound play with the shot clock running out
“Time was going down and we had to make a play. We drew up a play for Terence to get the ball, but they read it and I got the ball and just shot it high.”

On a late-game three-point play
“We were trying to get the ball to Jamar but they were denying it, so I got the ball and took it to the basket and was able to make a move and get fouled.”

Terence Dials, junior forward/center
On the team’s performance
“We showed a lot of poise, especially Jamar being just a freshman. He really stepped up for us. That was one of the big keys for us. We wanted to make sure we took care of the ball and took good shots.”

On the game
“Coach prepared us very well for this game. The shot clock came into play a couple times. We just got into our defense and executed it well.”

Jamar Butler, freshman guard
On the team’s confidence in him
“The guys have a lot of confidence in me to run the team and make plays to help us win.”

Mike Davis, Indiana head coach
On his team’s effort
“I thought we had a great first half defensively. We definitely came out with a lot of intensity, but we didn’t have any energy left at the end. I think we need to play better.”

On the play of D.J. White
“We went to him every time until he got tired and had to come out of the game.”

On Ohio State’s performance
“They laid post feeds and did some things they didn’t do in the first half. Coach Matta did a great job of executing the game plan, especially in the first five minutes and the last five minutes.”

On Ohio State
“I thought they did a great job adjusting to our double-team. They hurt us. We did a poor job rebounding the basketball. You have to give Ohio State credit – they executed their game plan. On the road you want to hold a team under 40 percent to give yourself a chance to win, but we only shot three free throws.”