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No. 9 Ohio State (8-1, 4-1 Big Ten) 38, Penn State (6-3, 2-2 Big Ten) 14
Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio
November 13, 2010
Attendance: 105,466


Dexter Larimore, senior defensive tackle
On the defensive touchdowns
“It’s huge. Those kinds of plays take games over. It hurts their offense and quarterback. They start second guessing themselves, thinking ‘well maybe we can’t do that play anymore because they’ll get the ball.’ It was big for momentum change. Tonight those made the difference.”

On coming back from behind
“We’ve been there before with Wisconsin and we didn’t get the outcome we wanted. Since then we have assessed how we can come back and really applied it tonight. We picked it up and got the game rolling in our favor.”

Cameron Heyward, senior defensive end
On stopping Penn State on fourth and one
“We had great penetration up front. The corners got it in the backfield. We just shut it down.”

On the change after halftime
“Guys just stepped up. I think we were more disgusted we gave up 14 points. We weren’t really looking at the big picture of the season just the game. The coaches always say ‘worry about the process not the big picture and it’ll turn out.’ That’s what we were aiming for then.”

DeVier Posey, junior wide receiver
On changing the plays second half
“The plays were the right play calls in the first half. It was the effort that was missing. We came back in the second half with the effort needed to win and the plays worked then.”

On Sanzenbacher’s touchdown
“I knew he was next to me on the route but not right next to me then. I thought I came down with it but the defensive player knocked it out. I heard the roar and looked up and saw Dane with it in the endzone. I guess I kind of threw him an alley-oop.”

On primarily run play calls
“We just want to the move the ball. We run the ball at Ohio State in November and everyone knows that. It’s cold and the run works better. You don’t move away from what you do well.”

Zach Boren, sophomore fullback
On rushing performance during the second half
“Over halftime we went over some stuff, mainly over schemes. Boom [Herron] and Brandon [Saine] obviously had a great game. If you want to be a contender in November, you have to be able to run the ball well.”

On the momentum change during the second half
“When you keep on running the ball and keep on pounding it in there you can sort of feel the momentum shift. When we continued to be successful on the running plays you could sort of feel like you were about to win the game.”

On keeping the offense focused throughout the game
“We have a close knit team. We obviously have a lot of seniors that have been in the situation before and a lot of mature leaders that kept us from pointing fingers when things went wrong.”

John Simon, sophomore defensive tackle
On what he learned about himself and the team
“Penn State is a great team and they produce a lot of great plays, so we had to handle adversity and we did that well as a team throughout the game.”

On his second half sack
“Everyone was doing their job, and I was fortunate enough to get into the right position to make the play.”

Andrew Sweat, junior linebacker
On the critical fourth down stop late in the first half
“We knew we had to stop them. We didn’t play great in the first half. We have to know how to handle adversity and handle success. We can never get too high or low. So we came out in the second half, messed around and had fun to get the win. We did what we needed to do.”

Travis Howard, sophomore defensive back
On how he read the Penn State’s quarterback prior to the interception
“We were in Cover 2 formation. I saw the quarterback roll out, so I just waited for him to throw it. I saw him releasing and I couldn’t believe it. I knew I was going to score. I was too close to the end zone. All the talk this week was how he [Matt McGloin] was going to come after our DB’s. We were ready.”

On his emotions after the interception
“I ran off the field and my head was spinning. It still hasn’t hit me yet. I dreamt about this last night. I said if a play came my way, I needed to make it. So I guess my dream came true.”

Dorian Bell, freshman linebacker
On coming back after missing three weeks due to injury
“Three weeks is so hard to sit out for. It’s tough having a concussion because it’s just something you can’t play through.”

On his kickoff tackle
“For me it was more about just being on the field again. It was great to hear the fans and to be with my teammates again.”

Mike Adams, junior tackle
On the team’s second half adjustments
“We knew we needed to come out and play smash-mouth football. That’s what we were able to do. We got a couple of big plays and moved the ball effectively and turned the game around.”

On Coach Tressel’s emotion
“He loves seeing us drive down the field. At halftime he made sure we knew what to do in the second half. We didn’t want to let him down and we didn’t.”



Joe Paterno, Penn State head coach
On Ohio State’s second-half performance
“We didn’t execute quite as well. Ohio State played the run better. I didn’t think they did much different but maybe played with more intensity. I give Ohio State some credit. They played better in the second half.”

On Penn State’s second-half performance
“We went in there wanting to do what we did in the first half. We did things in the first half well and wanted to continue to do that.”

On tailback Stephfon Green’s injury
“His head bounced around and I was scared to death. I think he’s going to be ok though.”

On linebacker Michael Mauti’s absence in the second half
“That hurt us. Mauti has been playing really well. He tried to play even though his shoulder had been hurting. He tried but he was a different player. He’s been having trouble with that shoulder.”

Tom Bradley, Penn State defensive coordinator
On Penn State’s missed tackles in the second half
“Everything started with missed tackles. We did a good job of wrapping our guys up in the first half, but we missed quite a few in the second.”

On the loss of linebacker Michael Mauti
“We missed his leadership out there, and it hurt is in some of our nickel packages and with some of things we practiced during the week.”

On Ohio State’s opening drive of the third quarter
“It was the key drive of the game. We had them pinned at the four-yard line, but they were still able to drive down the field and punch it in. That changed the whole complexion of the game, and the interception for a touchdown on our next offensive drive swung momentum completely in Ohio State’s favor.”

Brett Brackett, senior wide receiver
On the play of quarterback Matt McGloin
“He played really well altogether. He made some great plays and put us in a good position early. We just weren’t able to finish the job.”

On Ohio State’s performance in the second half
“They’re a great football team and we knew that they weren’t going to fold up and quit, that they would play a full 30 minutes and make a comeback. We just didn’t respond well when they did.”

Nate Stupar, senior linebacker
On the game
“It was a tough loss for us. We made a lot of mistakes in the second half that are correctable. We just didn’t make enough plays out there to win.”

On his performance in place of Michael Mauti
“I thought I played well overall, but I made some mistakes. The ‘D’ has a whole just made too many mistakes in the second half. We need to start playing together and communicating out on the field.”

Drew Astorino, junior hero
“We’re fine. Obviously everyone was upset with our performance in the second half, but we’ll regroup and comeback strong from this.”

On Dane Sanzenbacher’s fourth quarter touchdown
“I don’t even know what happened. We broke it up, and it just happened to fall to him. It was just one of those lucky plays that happen from time to time — kudos to him.