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#8 Ohio State (11-1, 7-1 Big Ten) 37, vs. Michigan (7-5, 3-5 Big Ten) 7
Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 27, 2010
Attendance: 105,491

Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State senior wide receiver
On the penalty on Boom’s run
“I didn’t think it was a penalty but I don’t make the calls. I wouldn’t change what I did if I could do the play again if that makes it any better. Sorry to Boom to steal his touchdown. I was just trying to help clear the way for him to get into the end zone.”

On a high emotion game
“Obvious it’s always like that in the Michigan game. We let ourselves get too wrapped up in it for awhile with dumb penalties like the glove thing.”

On the rivalry loosing intensity because it’s been Ohio State dominated
“We always take this game seriously. We work all year for this game. I don’t know how it feels for the game to go the other way. I always came out on the winning side. I’m glad it went that way.”

On the legacy of the senior class
“I hope we leave a legacy of great leadership. I feel that guys in this class held themselves accountable as well as held each other accountable. To be with these other five captains, it’s an honor to be a part of this class.”

Ross Homan, Ohio State senior linebacker
On the feeling of beating Michigan
“It’s always the same feeling. Every time we beat Michigan, it’s always a great feeling and a success.”

On Michigan’s offense
“We knew it’d be a tough challenge. We knew they’d get yards on us. It’s impossible to completely stop them. Our goal was to keep them out of the end zone. We knew they wouldn’t be punting or kicking the ball. We also knew we’d be playing four downs each time not just three and we had to keep them from getting touchdowns.”

Zach Boren, Ohio State sophomore fullback
On the success of this team
“We have the best coaches in the country which is where our success comes from. It goes back to preseason and getting ready and preparing then.”

On the intensity of the game
“We knew from the beginning it’d be a dog fight. The Michigan/Ohio State rivalry is always tough. Denard Robinson is a great athlete who made it tough. Hats off to the defense for what they accomplished today.”

On the kickoff return
“We just zoned it. We were supposed to turn right I believe. When Jordan got the ball he took it right up the middle and went with it. It was great. We had a lot of times where we were close to it this season. We have two of the best carriers back there with Jordan and Jaamal so it was great to finally get one.”

Brian Rolle, Ohio State senior linebacker
On the possibility of playing in a BCS game
“Any team in our position, having suffered a tough loss to Wisconsin and finishing strong like we did would be honored by the possibility of playing in a BCS game. We’ll be happy to play wherever we go.”

On his senior year and playing his final game in Ohio Stadium
“It’s been everything I thought it would be. It still hasn’t sunk in that this is the last game I’ll play here.”

On the physical nature of “The Game”
“There’s always going to be pushing, shoving and holding in a game like this, but it is never dirty. You expect everyone to compete in a game as big as Ohio State vs. Michigan.”

Bryant Browning, Ohio State senior offensive lineman
On whether winning the Michigan game feels as good the fifth time as it did the first time
“Definitely. Ohio State/Michigan is the game every year. All of our coaches put a big emphasis on it. If you go into a game like this thinking it’s just another game you will get beat.”

On the play of the Michigan defense in the first half
“They put in some schemes that we hadn’t seen before, and it took us a little while to adjust to them. I thought as the game went on our offense was more effective.”

Jordan Hall, Ohio State sophomore running back
On his kickoff return for a touchdown in the second quarter
“I’ve been waiting all year for it. Jaamal [Berry] got a good block for me and I hit the hole.”

On his first kickoff return touchdown as a Buckeye
“Words can’t explain it – I’ve been waiting for it so long. We’re supposed to give the ball to the ref after we score, but I don’t even know where I put it.”

On playing for the 1942 national championship team
“Coach told us before the game that we need to go out and honor the national champions and we did that through our play. We played like champions today.”

Justin Boren, Ohio State senior offensive lineman
On the game
“Michigan was putting seven, eight and nine guys in the box at the start while we were mixing it up offensively. So we simplified it a little bit and it started working. It’s awesome to beat them. I couldn’t feel any better. It’s a dream come true since I came here. There isn’t a better feeling in the world.”

On whether or not Ohio State should play in a BCS game
“Absolutely. We’ve proven that we can play good physical football. Besides our only hiccup earlier this season, we can play with anybody.”

Mike Brewster, Ohio State junior offensive lineman
Thoughts on the game
“It’s a big relief to get the win. The last three weeks have been stressful emotionally and physically. Whenever we play them, we know it’s going to be a battle. It feels great to beat Michigan.”

Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State junior quarterback
Thoughts on the game
“Michigan tested us. We wanted to beat them not only for who they are but because it was for the Big Ten title. In the second half we didn’t do much different offensively. We just ran the ball and the clock ran out.”

On how Michigan played
“They fought and just came up short. We took advantage of their turnovers. Normally if you win the turnover margin, you have a good chance of winning. I thought they played tough at first just like every other team we’ve played. Our special teams played great. It was an overall team victory.”

Taurian Washington, Ohio State senior wide receiver
On the importance of the rivalry game
“Coming into the game we had a lot of passion. We knew we were playing for the 1942 team and we felt like that team with the special jerseys. Today we did a good job as a team and in our executions.”

On being from Michigan and playing in the game
“It feels great not losing to Michigan for four years. I was glad that as a team we carried on a great tradition.”

On keeping the offense focused throughout the game
“We have a close-knit team. We obviously have a lot of seniors that have been in the situation before and a lot of mature leaders that kept us from pointing fingers when things went wrong.”

Jermale Hines, Ohio State senior defensive back
On seven consecutive victories against Michigan and six consecutive Big Ten titles
“It is big for the program, especially for coach Tressel. The whole team did a good job today.”

On the second-half defensive shutout
“It was real tough and our defensive line fought the whole game. I take my hat off to the defense and all the coaches that helped us prepare.”

On his second-half sack
“Everyone was doing their job and I was fortunate enough to get into the right position to make the play.”

Travis Howard, Ohio State sophomore defensive back
On playing against Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson
“He is a fast quarterback. He keeps our defense honest and it is always tough defending a quarterback that can both run and pass the ball well.”

On his playing time and contribution to the Ohio State defense
“It was a tough road. I just stuck with it and fought hard in practice and now I am able to show that on the field and it is allowing me to make the plays in the game.”



Rich Rodriguez, Michigan head coach
On moving the ball in the first half
“It felt like things were going well in the first half and we were moving the ball well. There was just some poor execution at times and Ohio State made some plays as well. Today was the worst job we’ve done all year at finishing drives.”

On sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson
“Denard dislocated a couple of fingers on his left (non-throwing) hand late in the first half. It wouldn’t have been much of a problem, but he likes to grip it with that hand and he couldn’t get any feeling back. He tried to go back in the second half but he just couldn’t do it. It’s unfortunate because he was playing well today.”

“Denard looked sharp today. Our receivers have to make different catches out there and some are going to be in a very tight window. Those are the kind of plays that you need to make to beat a good team.”

On his mindset following the game
“I’m mad. I wish we would have played better and I expect better out of this team. I’m going to be angry for awhile. It’s going to sting for a bit, but it’s not something that we can go back and replay.”

On matching up against Ohio State’s defense
“Ohio State looked very athletic defensively today and there were a lot of ‘bang-bang’ plays as well. The bottom line is that we didn’t finish drives. They made plays, but a lot of that is on us.”

On penalties
“There’s no need for the extracurricular stuff after the plays. We’ve been good all year with pre-snap penalties and we had one big one today with a younger guy that set us back. Those are the types of penalties that we shouldn’t commit.”

Jordan Kovacs, Michigan sophomore strong safety
On gaining the early momentum and not capitalizing
“They’re a good team and they made adjustments. They had a great second half. We didn’t take advantage of field position.”

On the interception just before the second half
“It was third and goal from the 18, so I knew it’d be an end zone shot. I thought I’d have a chance to return it, but I didn’t make it far enough.”

Ryan Van Bergen, Michigan junior defensive tackle
On the locker room feel after the game
“It always hurts more to lose to Ohio State. We want to represent our university and wanted to put our seniors out with a win here. Everyone is accountable for the loss. No one played their best game. Hopefully we can send the seniors out with a win in our bowl game.”