Jan. 9, 2005

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“Liberty is a very good basketball team. They have won a lot of games over the years and know exactly what works for them. They execute their offense in a very methodical way, and they have great success. On our part, we didn’t shoot the ball very well today but that’s why we always preach defensive energy. Caity (Matter) did some great things for us and Brandie (Hoskins) had success getting into the lane and penetrating. But I was impressed with Liberty today. They are a team who will be playing in March and they’re a team that always plays hard.”

Brandie Hoskins, sophomore guard
On the second half
“We played a lot better in the second half and we were able to rebound the ball a lot better. In the first half we took a lot of bad shots, bad 3-pointers, but in the second half we did a better job of looking to the post.”

Kim Wilburn, junior guard
On leading the team in rebounds
“Coach (Foster) is constantly stressing how important it is for our guards to rebound. Earlier in the season we relied too much on our post players for all the rebounding. I think our guards have great anticipation and as long as the effort is there we’re going to keep getting rebounds.”

Carey Green, Liberty head coach
On playing Ohio State
“I think it is a privilege to come here and play a very good nationally-ranked team. We have been fortunate to get in and play an NCAA Top Ten team. We were playing to win, but we were not that fortunate. I am very thankful for the opportunity.”

On shooting
“Truthfully, I feared how well Ohio State shoots the ball, but I would like to give our girls credit. Our goal was to hold them to 60 points and we almost achieved that. I am proud of our defensive effort.”

Kristal Tharp, senior guard/forward
On Liberty’s start to the game
“We had a lot of nerves playing in front of a large audience. We showed heart by staying in the game and fighting back. We knew we could play, we just had to calm down.”