Oct. 20, 2012

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No. 7 Ohio State (8-0, 4-0 Big Ten) 29, Purdue (3-4, 0-3 Big Ten) 22 – (OT)
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Oct. 20, 2012
Attendance: 105,290


Zach Boren, senior fullback/linebacker
On Purdue’s opening touchdown
“It was a trick play. They showed something similar on film, but not exactly the way they ran it and we just got mixed up. I thought after that we executed well and played a really solid defensive game.”

On Ohio State’s confidence level heading to overtime
“We knew after the offense scored to send the game to overtime it was time for the defense to step up and close the game. I was confident we would be able to.”

On his overall summary of the game
“I’ve never been a part of a comeback like that. Everything was against us – fans leaving, injuries, field position – and we managed to pull it out. We clicked at the right time.”

Christian Bryant, junior safety
On fourth down play in overtime
“Our defensive line got a lot of pressure on that play. Our whole front line did a nice job putting pressure on the quarterback and flushing him out the pocket, which forced him to make a bad pass.”

On giving up the 83-yard pass
“We had a good defensive unit today. Besides the two plays we gave up, we did our job and contained the football like the coaches told us to do this entire week in practice.”

Kenny Guiton, junior quarterback
On his demeanor after throwing an interception
“I wasn’t down, but at the same time I felt like I had let my team down. I’m a backup coming off the bench, and I just want to do well for my team. That’s when it took the offense to pick me up and let me know that the game wasn’t over and we were going to get the ball again.”

On Chris Fields’ touchdown reception with three seconds left
“After that catch, I think I told him (Fields) ‘thank you’ a million times. Once I saw his hands under the ball, I knew he had it.”

On being a backup quarterback
“You have to have patience. I’m not going to say I’ve always been [up] about it. Sometimes I get down, and when I get down I talk to my mom and dad.”

On completing the two-point conversion
“I was too happy. I wanted to tell my team to calm down because I knew it wasn’t over. I was happy, but at the same time I was ready to go again.”

Johnathan Hankins, junior defensive tackle
On his feelings about the win
“This is unbelievable. It’s my first overtime in The Shoe. The offense did well and the defense had a great game. I feel like we had a pretty complete game this week. I’m just excited and glad that we get a chance to go 9-0.”

On Kenny Guiton
Kenny Guiton is like Kobe [Bryant] in clutch time. He knows the game and I feel like he’s a coach for us on offense. He’s doing a good job. I never lose faith in Kenny.”

Jeff Heuerman, sophomore tight end
On his thoughts prior to catching the game-tying two-point conversion
“Coach Vrabel told me after the game those are the hardest ones to catch and I definitely agree. It seemed like the ball was in the air forever.”

On his confidence the two-point play would work
“It was a play we practiced over and over this week for our two-point conversion scenario and it worked just like we thought it would.”

On the design of the two-point play
“It’s a delay play. The tight end blocks and then releases. It’s hard for the defense to recognize and it works almost every time in practice. Thankfully it also worked today.”

Carlos Hyde, junior tailback
On Kenny Guiton’s performance
“When Braxton [Miller] went down it was detrimental to our offense, but we knew Kenny would step up because he knows plays and can come in and execute just like Braxton. He works so hard to get his chance to play is great.”

On play after Corey Brown’s injury
“That was hard for us too but it showed we have guys who can step up. We all prepare during the week to play; our back-ups prepare as well to be able to step on the field like starters.”

Corey Linsley, junior center
On Purdue’s defense
“All of them, across the board, you can’t say any of them aren’t really good players. I think that’s the strength of their team, really. Year in and year out, look at the guys they have in the NFL. It shows why they give us some trouble.”

On the play called to seal the two-point conversion
“I was all for running the ball, but I knew the play the players wanted to run wasn’t going to work. The play the coaches called, you can’t defend it. We had them on the ropes.”

Ryan Shazier, sophomore linebacker
On recovering after Purdue’s first touchdown
“After the first play of the game we just needed to remember we have a lot of game left. We were down, but everyone had each other’s back. We knew they would score. We just kept pushing and no one had their head down.”

On celebrating the win
“Words can’t even explain it. We’ve been grinding so much, working so hard. We’ve been going through everything together. These guys are my brothers. I would do anything for them. It was amazing to have a win like that, once in a lifetime.”

John Simon, senior defensive lineman
On the game
“It took a lot of toughness. It was a total team win today. Anytime you can come away with a win you have to be happy, but to come away with that kind of a win shows the dedication this team has to each other.”

On Kenny Guiton
“You guys don’t see him at practice. He gets every mental rep possible. He’s coaching people all the time. Every time he gets in the game the team gets excited. You never want a starter to go down, but anytime you get to see Kenny go out there and perform and get everything he deserves, it is awesome to see. Everyone on the team had full faith in him at that point.”

Nathan Williams, senior defensive lineman
On the defensive effort
“We had a solid defensive game plan and we executed very well today. We knew the offense was struggling, especially when Braxton went out, so we had to step up and make plays.”

On where the win ranks in his Ohio State career
“Right now it’s No. 1. It was a great win and I’m proud of the guys.”


Danny Hope, Purdue head coach
On Ohio State’s final drive
“We didn’t manufacture enough pass rush and Ohio State was able to get better protection than I thought they should have been able to get. They made the plays they needed to and we didn’t.”

On game plan
“Our motto all week in practice for today’s game was everything to gain, nothing to lose. We knew we had to put ourselves in position to take the fight to them.”

On thoughts about the game
“It was a great football game, I’m proud of our players and they came out fired up with the will to win and didn’t let up all game. We just didn’t get the result we wanted on the scoreboard.”

Ryan Russell, sophomore defensive end
Reflecting on the loss
“We have to look at the positive things that we can pull from this game. The bad things are things that we can work on and improve. We have to be able to execute to win games. We need to be able to finish the game with the same intensity that we started with.”

On the momentum of the game
“The game bounced around from team to team. When they would make a play, we had to make one too. We didn’t when it counted.”

On how they prepared for this game
“We wanted to be more physical and knew if we controlled the physicality then we could control the game. We worked on refreshing our fundamentals, especially tackling.”

Kawann Short, senior defensive tackle
On senior leadership
“The last few games were slacking on the defense. As seniors, we had to step up and motivate our team to come out and play like we did today.”

On Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton
“We hope that Braxton is all right. When Kenny came in, we knew he was going to be good. As a defense, we had to continue to be disruptive. We were confident the whole game, but we needed to finish at the end.”

Robert Maci, senior linebacker
On the Boilermakers’ past three losses
“They all hurt. I’m proud of my team win or lose. It’s always tough to lose like this. We came out swinging and that’s all we can do.”

On moving forward after the loss
“It was a good game. We were motivated and determined the entire time. Going forward, we need to watch more film and not let the past affect us.”