Dec. 21, 2004

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“I thought when we stopped launching 3’s we became a good team. Early on, we were too perimeter oriented but once we settled down and worked the ball inside we were able to reestablish ourselves. Also, throughout the game we switched it up defensively which confused them.”

On Ohio State’s rebounding
“We’ve been rebounding better. When our guards rebound and get inside we are a good team. When we don’t and have to rely solely on Jess (Davenport) it can wear our defense down.”

Jessica Davenport, Ohio State sophomore center
On the difference from last year’s loss against UCLA
“Overall we just played better than last year’s game against UCLA. Last year when things got tough we got down on ourselves and this year we just kept battling and stuck with our game plan. Basically we did what we were taught.”

Ashley Allen, Ohio State sophomore guard
On the UCLA guards
“They are a great team. Playing this team will definitely help us when we start Big Ten play, because it gives us a chance to get a look at different guards. The Big Ten has different styles of players and a team like UCLA has a variety of players who have different styles.”

Caity Matter, Ohio State senior guard
On breaking the Ohio State career 3-point record
“It is a good feeling but to tell the truth it is just another shot and if it helps us win then that is all that matters.” Katie Smith, former Ohio State All-American
On Caity Matter breaking her career 3-point record
“I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished at Ohio State. She has worked so hard over the last four years and is deserving of everything she gets. Her 3-point shot is the highlight of her game but she is a complete player.”

Kathy Olivier, UCLA head coach
On playing without Nikki Blue
“I was wondering if anyone else recognized her not being out there besides me. She really makes our team go. Noelle Quinn is an exceptional basketball player but Nikki (Blue) makes her better. Nikki exerts a lot of energy as our point guard. Sometimes people don’t realize what a tough position that is. She also gets that extra spark on defense that our team needs.”

On the game
“I thought we played well in the first 15 minutes. We were with them until about the last five minutes of the first half. That is where you really saw a difference in rebounding. Ohio State is very patient. They move the ball and have good looks at the basket. They make sure they score and they are very good at that. (Jessica) Davenport takes up so much attention. It’s hard to get in there.”

On playing Ohio State
“I thought we gave them a pretty good game. We have played some ranked teams this season. I feel like Ohio State is the best team we have played.”