Nov. 26, 2006

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State’s game strategy
“We should start to hit a different strategy as we play more games. We know ourselves inside and out. When you start a freshman at guard, I expect us to start to play a little better each game as we go along.”

On Ohio State guard Brandie Hoskins
“Brandie played a terrific game. She started a nice tempo and I know the young guards are watching her and realizing that you don’t have to play fast.”

On getting all his players in the game
“It will do a lot for them later on down the road. I think that (Cherise) Daniel did a great job today. She really controlled things on the defensive end.”

On the freshmen
“I think that (Andrea) Walker and (Maria) Moellar did a great job today. Moellar did a good job running the point. We just need her to shoot a little more and Walker got seven rebounds in 12 minutes.”

Jessica Davenport, senior center
On the team
“It is too early to compare this year’s team to last year’s. We still have two new starters that are just starting to get a feel for starting. We are doing a great job of working the shot clock and getting easy shots.”

Maria Moellar, freshmen guard
On the game
“I know later on in the season people are going to start doubling Brandie (Hoskins) and I will need to be able to hit the open shots.” Brandie Hoskins, senior forward
On the game
“I think that we played very well today. We did a good job of working the shot clock and we were able to get some easy buckets.”

Robin Selvig, Montana head coach
On the game
“Ohio State had a great basketball game. I really thought we could play tougher. We were severely overmatched. They came and played strong right out of the gate and hit outside shots to start. After that, they just picked us apart. They have a great basketball team and we found that out.”

On playing Ohio State
“We have some pretty good shooters, but you didn’t get to see that today. I wouldn’t have felt so bad if it wasn’t 42-22 at the first half. Ohio State has some good kids and great coaching. They know what they are after and they are pretty tough. If you talk to coaches around the country, they know Jim Foster’s teams are going to be good. They play solid and are great defenders.”