Nov. 25, 2006

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“I think the telling stat today was the assist to turnover ratio. I think you can always tell a good team by that stat. I think we got out in transition and got some good shots. Stephanie Blanton did a great job for us today and was a real catalyst.”

Brandie Hoskins, senior guard
On the game
“It was a good game. Our defense led to offense. We did a great job in transition and got several easy scores.”

Jessica Davenport, senior center
On the game
“We did a great job today. The things we were working on in practice really came out today in the game. We did a good job using the whole shot clock and making them play defense for the full 30 seconds.”

Maria Moeller, freshmen guard
On the defense
“I think we can still play better defense on the wings. I felt like we were all a couple of steps slow today getting into the passing lanes.”

Dayna Smith, Cornell head coach
On Ohio State
“Ohio State is a very good team. We worked as hard as we could. I’m proud of the way we fought out there. But we were overmatched.”

On guarding Ohio State center Jessica Davenport
“I liked how we tried to compete. We wanted to be aggressive with her, but she is a lot stronger than any of our players.”