Feb. 15, 2007

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“I really like to see the emotion from some of our players. Marscilla (Packer) with her reverse lay up and Ashlee (Trebilcock) with her’s and Star’s (Allen) cross over were all big emotional plays.”

On Ashlee Trebilcock’s game
“The 3-point shooting was not surprising for us (4-4). We see that all the time in practice, but the real difference tonight was her defense.”

On Marscilla Packe’s game
“Shooters tend to be know as poor defenders. Marscilla is trying a lot harder to have more of a defensive mentality and it was evident with the charge she took.”

Jessica Davenport, senior center
On the outside shooting
“When we are shooting like that, it pulls a person out from inside and that makes things a lot easier in the paint When you don’t have the extra person coming at you.”

Marscilla Packer, junior guard
On Wisconsin guard Jolene Anderson
“She is a great player and she is going to get her points. You just have to get her to work really hard for them and not give her any.”

Ashlee Trebilcock, sophomore guard
On the game
“I think starting really helped me get more into the flow of the game. It was also easier for me to get going because my first few shots I had no one on me. It is easy with no one in your face.”

Lisa Stone, Wisconsin head coach
On Ohio State
“They are pretty solid. Ashlee Trebilcock had a couple of daggers at us and (Marscilla) Packer is going to get you. Because scoring can come from different areas other than from (Jessica) Davenport, they are a tough team. With Ohio State you pick your poison because they are deep.”

On Wisconsin
“We came in with a lot of energy and competed, but it got away from us in the second half. We need more than just two scorers. We have no seniors on this team so we have a different look.”