Jan. 23, 2005

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Beth Combs, Northwestern head coach
On the game “Ohio State is a heck of a ball club. We knew that coming into this game. I was proud of our team. I think we were just out-manned and out-matched but we were beaten by an excellent team and you can’t be ashamed of that.”

On Northwestern’s performance
“We have worked hard at being able to compete for the entire 40 minutes. I know we don’t have the best track record and don’t always play well, but we always play hard. We are proud of that and will hopefully continue to get better.”

Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On Northwestern
“We beat a good basketball team tonight. That’s the bottom line. When you look at their scores the past few games and see how they have been playing, you realize they don’t stop playing. They play the way they do to be successful.”

On the game
“We needed to step it up a bit. I think we played better in terms of high and low basketball. Ashley (Allen) had a good game tonight, and Brandie (Hoskins) was exceptional.”

On Ohio State’s depth
“Through the course of a long season I think the depth bodes well. Our players can stay fresh. We have weapons, though, and we use them. Brandie played about 38 minutes straight in the last game, where in this game she played four here and there and had 18 points.”

Brandie Hoskins, Ohio State sophomore guard
On Northwestern
“They were a good team, like Coach (Foster) said, and good teams make good runs. Good runs force us to have a strong defense.”