Feb. 17, 2005

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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On team defense
“We did a very good job on defense all night. The perception is that since we lead the nation in field-goal percentage that we’re exclusively an offensive team. But we start everything with our defense.”

On Jessica Davenport
“She was very patient tonight and took what was there. She didn’t force anything and did a great job reading what was happening. She is really diversifying her game and using the glass well. She has been protecting the ball really well and is getting great results.”

Jessica Davenport, Ohio State sophomore center
On team play
“It was very exciting to play them tonight. They were very physical and we did a good job of matching that. We played all 40 minutes tonight and did what we needed to do.”

Brandie Hoskins, Ohio State sophomore guard
On her assists
“We were all getting in open spots and getting good looks at the basket. In practice we always preach making the next pass and tonight we did. We split the traps and flashed to the ball. Also, it’s nice to have a big target like Jessica (Davenport) in the middle.”

Pam Borton, Minnesota head coach
On the game
“Obviously the difference in the game was Jessica Davenport. The team did a great job of getting her the ball inside and she had a heck of a game. They went on a 13-2 run to end the first half which hurt us, but you can’t shoot 34 percent against the No. 2 team in the country on the road and expect to win. Give credit to Ohio State though, they are a very good team, especially at home.” On the 13-2 Ohio State scoring run to end the first half
“I don’t know what happened there. We missed a lot of lay-ups, enough to where we would have led by four at half. But we didn’t shoot the ball well enough to win tonight.”

Janel McCarville, Minnesota senior center
On defending Jessica Davenport
“She is one of the better post players in the Big Ten. She is very strong, gets great position and uses her body well. She is hard to move and once she gets position it’s over.”