Oct. 15, 2005

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Troy Smith, junior quarterback
On the game
“First off, it was a great game. I want to give a lot of credit to the offense. Michigan State is a great team that is very physical and tough. I was upset we were not able to get (Antonio) Pittman a touchdown. He is a cornerstone on the team and I thought he deserved a touchdown.”

On the win against Michigan State
“I hope this is the turning point in the season for us. The guys showed up and played today. The defense especially stood up and without them, it would have been a long game. I give a lot of respect to the team. They were able to stick with the game plan.”

Santonio Holmes, junior split end
On the mood of the offense at halftime
“We didn’t really say much. Coach (Jim) Bollman said to turn it up and thanks to the special teams we were able to accomplish that. We were able to capitalize off a lot of opportunities.”

On his second touchdown
“It was a great feeling to be able to dive into the end zone. It definitely built up the confidence on the team to be able to get some more points on the board.”

Antonio Pittman, sophomore tailback
On the field-goal block
“Going into the half down three is a lot better than going in down 10. Our defense comes out of the half and stops them and our offense goes down and scores. All of a sudden we’re up four and it’s a whole new game.”

Quinn Pitcock, junior defensive lineman
On the play of the defense
“We knew coming in that we had a good pass rush, but the key to us getting pressure today was the play of the defensive backs. They held coverage and freed us up to make plays. We just kept on playing hard and good things happen when you play hard.”

On the Youboty score
“It changed the mindset of a lot of guys coming into the locker room. I think if they score there, then a lot of guys have their head down but that play changed it all. We knew the game wasn’t over and everyone stayed really determined.”

Ted Ginn, sophomore flanker
On his TD reception
“Two guys tried to hit me and it actually gave me some bounce. I was a little bit at a standstill and they kind of got me back on the go. When I saw there was nobody ahead of me I was off. It felt great.”

David Patterson, junior defensive lineman
On the Michigan State offense
“They have a great offense. They scheme very well and I think (Drew) Stanton is the best quarterback we have faced all year. They just have so many weapons and what sets them apart is that they can run the football. Stanton was making plays all over the field but as a defense we really came together at the end.”

Michigan State Quotes

Coach John Smith
On Ohio State
“I congratulate Ohio State. They are a tremendous football team. They won the game. It was a hard football game. Offensively the kids (Ohio State) have special talents and (defensively) we had trouble blocking them.”

On the loss
“My guys played their hearts out today. The loss is placed on the coaches for this game and I take full responsibility.”

On the blocked kick at the end of the first half
“We were going for the spike (to stop the clock). We practice the fast field goal. We time it out in practice. We have someone count the guys so there are not 12 or 10 players on the field. We have them line up, and before they go out, I tell them if we’re going for the kick, the fake or a spike and that didn’t happen. When the guys lined up, I heard someone yell, `Field goal’ and it wasn’t me. So that comes down to me.”

Drew Stanton, quarterback
On the game
“It’s different in important games. The game will come down to one or two huge plays. It just didn’t bounce our way.”

On the blocked field goal play at the end of the first half
“We would have spiked the ball so our offense had time. I even tried to get us toward the center because I knew we would try for that. But, I heard someone yelling, `Field goal Field goal’ and it was a huge miscommunication. No one knew what was going on.”

On Ohio State’s pressure in the second half
“I think they pressured a little bit more in the second half, but we knew they would try to pressure us. We had some young guys in there and that’s quite a stage to enter, going into the `Horseshoe.'”

On Coach John L. Smith taking the blame for the loss
“He (Coach Smith) said that (it was his fault), but there is a certain time players have to own up and take responsibility. Unless they had a perfect game, then you can point fingers. I know I wasn’t perfect so I have to take responsibility.”

Eric Smith, strong safety
On the game
“It is a real disappointment. We played well enough (to win). We just weren’t making enough plays to win the game. It’s frustrating, but you have to put it behind you and move on.”

On the blocked field goal at the end of the first half
“There were a bunch of guys running on the field and others running off. It was chaos.”

Chris Morris, Center
On the game
“I think the young guys came in well, but we just weren’t communicating as well as we should have.”

Jehuu Caulcrick, running back
On the game
“They came out playing hard in the second and I think we came out, too. We have to go forward. We want to send the seniors out as winners so that’s what we’ve got to do.”