Dec. 7, 2014

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Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014
Lucas Oil Stadium • Indianapolis, Ind.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer:
On how the Buckeyes neutralized Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon:
“I don’t know, it wasn’t easy. Coach Fickell and our defense really stepped up. That is a first round draft pick we were playing against [Gordon]. I can’t wait to watch that film because that was just phenomenal.”

On why Ohio State deserves to be in the four team College Football Playoff:
“That is a question I know everyone is going to ask me. We just won 59-0 against one of the top teams in America. These kids are playing at an extremely high level right now.”

On what was most impressive about the play of quarterback Cardale Jones:
“I think just the maturity. I knew he had the talent to throw the ball and execute but I figured there would be first game jitters. There was none of that.”

Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith:
On how special it is to win this game after losing in last year’s Big Ten Championship Game:
“It means a lot. Soon as that game was over last year we decided to go back to work and practice really hard. The whole time leading up to this game we prepared to win. We had a mission.

On how the play of Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones impacted the offense:
“We all had confidence in him. I played with Cardale back in high school so I knew what he was about. We knew how the defense was going to play. We watched them on film all week and when it came time to play we just executed.”

On how the win states a claim for the four team College Football Playoff:
“We’ve been playing well and working extremely hard. We proved why we should be there tonight. We’re just going to keep doing our jobs and see what happens.”

On winning a Big Ten Football Championship Game:
“This means everything to us. This game was for redemption, it was for the season and it was what we came here to do.”

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones:
On preparing for this game:
“We worked all week for this and as a team we had faith in one another. There was no down time and we treated this like it was our game to take and we were going to leave it all on the field.”

On effort of offensive support:
“I thought our guys played the game of a lifetime and we trusted each other. I knew coming into tonight I would have to play my part as well and it was a full team effort. As a team we played big.”

Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa:
On playing the second ranked defense in the country:
“I think I played defense the way I like to play, but tonight wasn’t about me and I could care less how I played. It was about our team as a whole because we knew that would be the only way to stop them.”

On confidence in Cardale Jones:
“I believed in him from the very beginning. We get to see a different side to him in practice that most people don’t have a chance to see. But I think right after that first initial drive is when everyone else caught on, too.”

Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave
On general impressions of the game:
“We got beat. They’re a very good team and we just couldn’t really get anything going or get into a rhythm. They got the best of us.”

On lack of competitiveness:
“It’s obviously a tough loss. You never want to say what we’re doing out there is embarrassing. We work too hard and put too much time into it to go out there and say that we’re embarrassing ourselves. That’s a good team and they played really well tonight and got the best of us, but no, I wouldn’t call that embarrassing.”

On lack of ability to come back:
“On the sidelines, like those previous weeks, there was never any doubt, there was never any panic. Again, we just couldn’t get things going. Give credit to them, they did a great job game-planning us and having their players ready.”

On bouncing back for the bowl game…
“You know, I think this group of guys won’t really have an issue bouncing back. This one is going to hurt for a while, but that’s what happens. We were fortunate to be in this situation and I think we had a very good year. We won 10 games and put ourselves in the opportunity to play in this game. As disappointing as this is, there’s a lot of positives from this season and we just have to look at those, learn from this week, and get as much as we can out of bowl prep.”

Wisconsin nose guard Warren Herring
On feeling that they had the capability to come back…
“Most definitely. It’s happened before. You just have to keep playing your butt off. Credit Ohio State. They’re a great team. They’re where they are for a reason. We got to limit big plays, you can’t have as many big plays as there were tonight.”

On expecting this outcome…
“They’re a great team. We’re a great team. Mistakes were made and they capitalized on their opportunities.”

On defining this season…
“Fight and adversity. We had some adversity early, we had some adversity in the past few weeks. Just being able to fight and keep looking forward. Trusting in the scheme and, no matter what, not giving up and playing your butt off. That’s what we’re going to continue to do, especially at the bowl games.”

Wisconsin cornerback Sojourn Shelton
On prepping to face a quarterback that they only had limited information about…
“To be honest with you, to prepare for a team, you prepare for whoever is going to be out there. If that’s a receiver, center, whoever. He made some really good plays and that’s all I can really say. I want to say that it’s tough because you don’t know what to expect, but that’s no excuse. You still have to find ways to stop him and stop the offense from rolling and the momentum that they were on.”

On struggling with the secondary defense…
“We struggled on the deep ball. I think the deep ball opened up so many other things. If you see the deep ball, you start playing to the deep ball, so they start getting passes underneath. They had a very good plan for us. Whatever their plan was to attack the secondary, credit to those guys, they had a good plan.”

On defensive man coverage…
“Those guys can make plays as well. It’s all good. It’s a really big learning experience for us as a team. Even if we’re in man coverage and they’re calling the perfect play action plays, we still have to try to find ways to make those plays. They may be hard plays and they may be against very good plays. You have to somehow try to find a way to make it.”

Wisconsin offensive lineman Tyler Marz
On coach’s message after the game…
“He just said it was unacceptable to have a game like that. Obviously, we haven’t won a bowl game here in a while, so that’s going to be our goal. Move on and whoever we play in the next game, we’re going to go win that.”

On Ohio State’s defense…
“They had a good plan in place. Obviously, we couldn’t get our running game going early and we had to kind of start throwing the ball more. That didn’t seem to be working either. Have to give credit to those guys, they’re athletic, they’re fast. We just have to watch the tape, like I said, and get better individually.”

On seeing this outcome coming…
“No. I don’t know how you really expect that to happen.”