November 29, 2017

Postgame Quotes: Clemson 79, Ohio State 65


Nov. 29, 2017

Clemson 79, Ohio State 65
Nov. 29, 2017
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 17,189

Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head coach
On his takeaway moving forward
“We’re going to have to continue to look at the way we play. Whether that means we have to play with a little more control, I’m optimistic that our decision making will improve moving forward. I think that live ball turnovers are killers, and I didn’t think that our transition defense was good the whole night.”

On the team’s mentality
“I think we took a step back today. I didn’t think that we handled adversity very well, or were as connected as we needed to be. We let our frustration get the best of us, so I think we definitely took a step backwards when it comes to that today. That’s something we are going to have to get better at. We have to respond better to runs and I’m going to have to continue to coach that better.”

Brad Brownell, Clemson head coach
On the team’s defensive preparation for the game
“We knew Bates-Diop can shoot, and I was a little disappointed in our guys because that was number one in the scouting report. We did switch on a lot of dribble hand-off situations, so there were smaller guys on him, and there was once for sure where he just shot over us. We did a better job adjusting to that in the second half.”

On the necessity of shutting down Jea’Sean Tate to win tonight
“I love Jae’Sean Tate. He’s just a tough guy, a winner and an incredibly strong and athletic driver. We did a great job on him, because he was one of the guys I was really worried about. I thought that if he got going and could get to 14 points and three or four assists, then he would have a huge impact on their team. So, for us, it was a key in the game to try to slow down his driving.”

On Chris Holtmann
“Chris is a great guy. Chris and I are friends, and he is a great coach. He is going to do great here, he really is. He already has the team playing well, playing hard defensively, sharing the ball. They have played well in a lot of game, and this was an especially tough game for them coming back off the PK80. We knew this was a hard travel back for them and we had a couple days to get ready.”

Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State redshirt junior
On falling behind in the second half
“It was worse than last time. We were at home, we had the game under control, and then slowly they made their run and we started to turn the ball over. We lost our poise and that was the end of the game.”

On what it will take to start turning the games around
“Going into practice and working on it. All we can do is try to get better every day and use these games as a learning experience and try to have the same lessons not be taught over.”

On the Micah Potter injury
“It’s not a super long time. We have guys that can cover it. Kyle (Young) , Andre (Wesson) , Jae’Sean (Tate) and I all rotate playing the four and five so it isn’t a problem.”