Box Score

Ohio State Head Coach Linda Kalafatis
“We almost played a great game today. I think (catcher) Natalie (Hales) and (pitcher) Kristi (DeVries) were brilliant out there. They (South Florida) were trying to run a lot and change things up and Nat was picking them off and throwing them out. The deciding play was the slap back to Kristi and the funny thing is, I would not want the ball in anyone else’s hands.”

“We couldn’t figure out (South Florida’s pitcher Leigh Ann) Ellis and she was equally as brilliant on the mound.”

“Many times in postseason and against good teams, the game will be decided in late innings and this is how today’s game went.”

South Florida Head Coach Ken Eriksen
“We talked at the beginning of the year about our success being in defense and good pitching. I think the good pitching was evident today especially in the very crucial innings, bases loaded, no outs, behind the plate deserves a lot of credit for getting us out of that jam and keeping us in the ballgame. We made some blunders early but at the same time, the pitching took us out. We said that if we had timely hitting, good defense and good pitching, you have a good chance, and we had two of the three, so I’m pretty happy.”

South Florida Pitcher Leigh Ann Ellis
“I try not to think about the base runners. I try to think I have to tag this batter, we want her. I trust the defense, whether a fly ball, aground ball, we are very confident. I don’t pitch for strikeouts. I trust the defense completely — strikeouts are just extra.

I made a lot of mistakes in the game, and luckily they didn’t capitalize on very many of them. Again, I think the defense played great and picked me up if I didn’t hit my spots because they got the bat on the ball more than I wanted and they really picked me up a lot.