Dec. 29, 2001%^$


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%^$UNC-Greensboro Head Coach Fran McCaffery
%^$”I thought, regardless of talent, we were beaten by a tougher team. They took us out of what we wanted to do and they executed on offense.%^$

%^$”We don’t see competition like this in the Southern Conference, but we need a better effort than what we gave tonight. They wore us out and really went after our offensive people.”%^$

%^$Ohio State Head Coach Jim O’Brien
%^$”Nine turnovers is great for us. That is a really good number. It has nothing to do with winning by 30 points. It is all about our approach and the way we play.%^$

%^$”(Sean) Connolly played great and so did Tim (Martin). Terence (Dials) was a presence in the paint. He was very active around the basket and made some nice passes as well.%^$

%^$”It is only appropriate that Brian (Brown) gets recognized with that kind of milestone (1,000 career points). Brian has his fingerprints on a lot of things we have done at Ohio State.”%^$

%^$Brent Darby
%^$”We are happy the preseason is over, now we can get into the Big Ten season and that is the best part of the year. We have an 8-2 record. We lost a couple of games we thought we could have won, but we are just happy to be starting the Big Ten season.”%^$

%^$Sean Connolly
%^$”We tried to cut down on our turnovers and rebound better today. Everyone just gelled.”%^$

%^$Brian Brown
%^$”It was a collective effort. Everybody that got in contributed. Terence Dials played extremely well for us.”%^$