Feb. 19, 2004

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
On the defense
“Our defense was fine. Northwestern played a very good second half and were able to make some adjustments. They have a good style of play and brought a lot of intensity. We were very flat in the second half, but Caity (Matter) was able to pick up the team.”

On the turnovers
“We weren’t patient. We need to play and attack the way we have been for the past month. I thought our decision making was poor.”

Ohio State junior guard Caity Matter
On playing tonight
“I was tired but it’s a game and I want to play. That is the bottom line. I love this game and I want to come out and play hard. Playing and working out releases stress for me. I played Sunday and worked out a little bit Tuesday before coming back and joining my team Wednesday. Playing basketball gets you away for a little bit.”

On her teammates
“They are very important to me. They are my best friends and we have been through a lot on and off the court. It has been great having them around because they are a great strength behind me. It has been a tough week but they have been there for me.”

On the game
“The guards rushed and didn’t really do what we talked about in practice, but we pulled together. We didn’t play at the level we have to be at and that is disappointing, but we got the win. Now we have to get back at it tomorrow. We have a game Sunday.”

Ohio State senior center LaToya Turner
On teammate Caity Matter
“We can’t use what happened as a crutch. Like Caity (Matter) says, play every game like it is your last. We are moving forward. We want to play for her. She carried us on Sunday and we want to stay strong for her. We are a team and we are her outlet. We want to make her happy and we can do that by working hard and doing our best.”

On playing in St. John Arena
“Everyone likes playing here. It brings back a lot of memories playing on a traditional floor. It was exciting.”

Northwestern head coach June Olkowski
On the game tonight
“I thought we played well tonight. I’m proud of how our kids played. Looking at our record, you would think we wouldn’t play well. Ohio State just scored easy buckets on us and those shots came from the foul line. Defensively we did a good job of getting our hands on the ball.”

On Northwestern’s performance in the second half
“There was no change in our scheme, we just played harder. We got our hands out and on the ball. Also, our doubling on the low post was better.”

On Ohio State’s recent performances
“From watching film of Ohio State, I see that they are truly improving from when we first played them. They are winning big games and peaking at the right time.”