Feb. 27, 2003

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
“This team has a very coachable group of players and that is a tribute to them. We still have to get better at certain things. We have to be open-minded and play hard. This is a fun team to be with.”

“We are doing much better with the half-court press than the beginning of the season. That is what you have to be good at this time of year. I was happy to see LaToya (Turner) play at her level today and DiDi (Reynolds) had probably her best game of the year.”

On the senior class
“The seniors grew a lot in many ways this season. They all came into new territory and new responsibilities. They had to earn where they are. There is a big difference in the team now from compared to when we started preparing for Europe. We have learned a lot about ourselves. We are very proud that we have defended our home court.”

Ohio State senior forward Courtney Coleman
On the performance by senior DiDi Reynolds
“DiDi stepped up at the right time. She played well on both sides of the ball and we need her to continue to do that every game.”

On defending their home court all season
“The road games are the ones that make us worry a little bit. We have to walk onto our home court and know we are going to win.”

On the upcoming Big Ten tournament
“Every team plays to win the Big Ten (tournament). We are going to practice like usual and focus on our next game.”

Ohio State senior forward DiDi Reynolds
On the team’s improvement over the season
“As the year has gone on I feel like I have gotten better. I have put a lot of things together. On her play since the absence of Ashley Allen, who is out for the season with an ACL injury
“I knew there were some things I needed to pick up. My 3-point shot came around tonight. I don’t think I have more pressure on me (since Ashley Allen is out for the season), I just have to step into a new role and do what I need to do.”

Ohio State senior forward D’wan Shackleford
On the play of DiDi Reynolds
“DiDi is very capable of doing the things coach asks her to do.”

On defending their home court all season
“We have a lot of pride in the fact that we were able to defend our home court. It was a hard fought game tonight but we earned it.”

Sue Guevara, Michigan head coach
On the Buckeye seniors
“They’re a class act. All three worked very hard and did a very nice job of blending in for (Ohio State head coach) Jim (Foster). They have the experience. They know how to handle big games and how to play in big arenas. They lead by example and there’s no replacement for leadership like that. If you have three seniors who are your hardest workers, that is a great asset.”

On the addition of first-year head coach Jim Foster
“Jim has done a great job utilizing all the team’s talents. He has been a great addition to the Buckeye family.”

On her team’s rebounding
“I was surprised to see we had 20 offensive rebounds. We did well, but we didn’t finish. When you play Ohio State, you have to keep them off the board. Courtney (Coleman) and (D’wan Shackleford) did a great job. We got 20 offensive rebounds. I wish we could have put half back in.”