April 27, 2002

Box Score

Head Coach Jim Tressel addresses the media following the Spring Game:
“I think the purpose of a spring game is to get the blood flowing for the upcoming season. It’s a great chance to get everyone some experience in front of the home fans. I thought the real highlight of the day was (kicker) Mike Nugent making a game-winning field goal. That’s something you have to feel really good about.”

On the quarterbacks:
“I thought they did a nice job of moving around in the pocket and finding the open man. I thought they made really good decisions with the football, both made some good throws and didn’t force too much. They’ve been working in and out with a lot of different personnel this spring. All of them have made a lot of improvement this spring.”

On Maurice Clarett:
“Maurice has worked hard everyday since he has been here, both on the field and in the weight room. He blocks well, runs well and can catch the ball and make people miss. He can lineup in the backfield and out wide. My impression of Maurice this spring has been very positive.”

On the offense:
“I’m obviously a little disappointed that we didn’t score a touchdown. We have some key veterans out and we’re hurting a little bit up front right now which obviously hurts us as well. At the same time I think it shows that our defense has gotten a lot better this spring as well. We broke up a lot of passes and were able to get a lot of pressure up front.”

On this spring compared to last spring:
“Last spring was really a learning spring. We didn’t know anything about our guys except what we saw on film. This year we know a little more about each other and know a little bit more about what to expect.