Feb. 9, 2003

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Wisconsin head coach Jane Albright
“First of all, I want to congratulate Jim (Foster) and Ohio State. They did a nice job today. It was a tough loss because we wanted to match up against a quick team and a good zone. We just have to keep working on it. We played a veteran team and we are not a veteran team. We have to keep picking our battles to improve.”

On the Badgers’ second half performance
“In the second half, I was pleased with our rebounding effort. We showed a lot of heart and determination. Their zone is full of a lot of quickness and speed. Sometimes we just were not ready to shoot. “

On Ohio State’s aggressiveness
“They are a physical team and they are hard team to simulate in practice. They may be the most aggressive team in the Big Ten. We showed a lot of heart and soul for a young group and that makes me proud.”

On Ohio State’s D’wan Shackleford
“(D’wan) Shackleford is the one that gave me nightmares. Success in the Big Ten comes down to minutes and she has a lot of minutes and Shackleford is the one I remember from years past.”

Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
“Our defense did a great job and we were more patient in our half-court offense. I take responsibility for our transition offense. You can’t expect your younger players to know it well if you don’t drill it in practice.”

On the Ohio State defense
“We changed defenses because they were well prepared. (Wisconsin) is a difficult team to play against because of how long they are. We have to be deliberate and patient to find opportunities. We were undersized against a big team, but it worked to our advantage. You have to give Wisconsin credit. They were well prepared.” Ohio State sophomore guard Caity Matter
On her game from 3-point land
“In the first half I missed some (3-pointers) from NBA range. I know I can’t keep missing those shots (from deep outside the 3-point line) so I stepped in. They were in a 2-3 zone and that is a player’s dream if you can get in the gaps. I got a couple of shots in transition where I got my feet set and was able to hit those shots.”

Ohio State senior forward Courtney Coleman
On Ohio State’s LaToya Turner being sidelined for 4-to-6 weeks with a broken arm “We didn’t change (our game plan) much coming in because we already had our game plan before (LaToya Turner’s injury) happened. Erika Christenson played big and strong for us and she was able to get some good minutes. (D’wan Shackleford) did a lot of good things for us as well and we just stuck to our game plan.”