Dec. 2, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

UNC-Wilmington Head Coach Jerry Wainwright
“When they changed defenses our offense didn’t respond. They were difficult to guard. The leadership from Darby and Brown was very good. Boban Savovic had a good game and he was very effective.

“We have not seen a zone especially one that is as aggressive as that. We just came to a grinding halt when they switched to the zone. We were going at a good pace until they changed things up.”

Ohio State Head Coach Jim O’Brien
“I thought we guarded very well. Every guy we put in the game got something done defensively. We went in thinking of rotating guys on (Brett) Blizzard. Individually, we did well and collectively we knew where he was. I think our guys should take some credit in that.

“They (UNC-Wilmington) do so many good things offensively, we did not want them to get into a rhythm on offense. We knew we would change things up and play different defenses, that was by design. We threw it (zone) out there to see what happened. It was a good feel, so we kept going with it.

“We play an aggressive zone defense. It is not a defensive maneuver. We played zone even though we could guard them. We play it because it can be a key for us.

“He (Boban Savovic) is aware of all situations. He knows what is going on. The thing you love about him is that he is always thinking. He really understands the game.”

Terence Dials
“Tonight was all about the defense. We held their best player to seven points and we hit the boards hard. That was the reason we won the game.” Brian Brown
“Coach O’Brien told us to get in there and rebound, since that is our Achilles heel. We threw a lot of different defensive junk at them and switched it up. They played good defense too and we didn’t get much penetration. At halftime, we set up the offense we wanted and shot well.”

Boban Savovic
“Our defense had a lot of steals which led to fast breaks and easy points. After the easy points come the long threes and we shot a lot of free throws.”

Zach Williams
“We knew he (Brent Blizzard) was a great player, so our game plan was to chase him around the court and wear him down. This is a big win for us. It is encouraging to know that this team is coming along and we are developing so well.

“We definitely told ourselves to get together in the game and play hard.”

Brent Darby
“Coming off a win is impressive and a good feeling for us. You have to go out and play each team and play your best. This game was very physical, but we play in a physical conference.

“Now we have to hit the books and be college students.”