Dec. 19, 2001%^$


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%^$Pitt Head Coach Ben Howland
%^$”This is a great win for us. This is a very tough place to play. I am very proud of our team. They (Ohio State) came out hard in both halves, we kept our composure and battled back.%^$

%^$”If we would have made some free throws, the result would have been much better. I am proud of the way we competed. Brandin(Knight) did a good job keeping it at our pace and Julius Page stepped up big tonight. This is a very good win for a young team like us.”%^$

%^$Ohio State Head Coach Jim O’Brien
%^$”We went through some slow stretches similar to the Louisville game. They were able to create space around the basket and they took advantage of it and finished.%^$

%^$”They have some big, wide-bodied kids. (Jaron) Brown is a thick athlete and (Julius) Page is a very good player. We could not guard them. (Brandin) Knight is a good player and he was able to go through us and dish it off.%^$

%^$”The most discouraging thing was how they physically had their way with us. We cannot give up 17 offensive rebounds and expect to win.%^$

%^$”Velimir (Radinovic) did some very good things. He is getting better and better. We like his aggression and it was nice to see him score some points under the basket.%^$

%^$”There are a lot of things we need to work on. The loss tonight was more physical than mental. We have got to get tougher.”%^$

%^$Zach Williams
%^$”It hurts losing at home, and it hurts losing two in a row. We just have to come out hard in practice and try to get a win before Christmas.%^$

%^$”They (Pitt) definitely out-rebounded us tonight. They beat us to the ball and they wanted it more.”%^$

%^$Brian Brown
%^$”Coach O’Brien was getting on us about our toughness at halftime. In the second half, we wanted to slow down and run our offense. They (Pitt) got on the glass and played tougher than we did.%^$

%^$”Our goal for every game is to take more shots than our opponent, we did that tonight, but we have to put them in the basket.”%^$

%^$Velimir Radinovic
%^$”They (Pitt) were tougher than us on the glass. We couldn’t carry our intensity for the whole game. We had a chance to win this game and we let it slip away. We aren’t losing confidence as a team, we just need to come out everyday and work hard.”%^$