Oct. 30, 2004

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Rob Harley, Ohio State senior safety
On the day
“I am going to remember this day for two reasons. One, because it was my first serious injury and I will probably never forget that. Secondly, Chic’s number being retired was really a tribute to all of his accomplishments.”

On being injured
“A lot was going through my mind when I went down, but I made sure I could walk or at least use crutches so I could be out there at halftime. He is the only member of my family to have his number retired and I was not going to miss the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of it.”

Dustin Fox, Ohio State senior cornerback
On the defense
“We had a lot of stuff in our packages but we went back to the drawing board and tried to make things simple. We wanted to let our guys make plays.”

On Tyler Everett’s interception
“We knew they were going to run something to our side. Ty was anticipating and he made a great play. All of the secondary made good plays today, even though a few players were dinged up.”

On going on the road the next two weeks
“I think we are ready. We have a couple of victories under our belt and that is important to have that success to help us for the rest of the year. We have played better in the last two games and didn’t allow as many yards. We have to keep the consistency going.”

Simon Fraser, Ohio State senior defensive end
On the win
“It feels great. We are happy to get a victory against Penn State, a team that has a great tradition. We were happy to come home and get two good wins.”

On teammate Ted Ginn Jr
“He’s fast. He has been trying to make the Olympic Trials. That has to tell you something. He can make moves and gets to the open field. He is a huge weapon for us.”

Ashton Youboty, Ohio State sophomore cornerback
On his interception
“It was funny that I got it on that play because my coach had been challenging me all week in practice. That play was run at me so many times in practice and I just went after it.”

On the defense today
“We were ready for their quarterback’s (Michael Robinson) running ability because we see it against Troy (Smith) in practice. They (Penn State) made some plays and were able to move the ball down the field but we got the job done.”

Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State junior linebacker
On the special teams
“I am very happy with they way we have played on special teams the last couple of games. Anytime you have a good showing on special teams, it really boosts the team’s confidence.”

On the interception
“Tyler’s interception in the first quarter really was big momentum boost. It put us up 14-0 and anytime you make a team play from behind it really changes their game plan.”

On the fourth quarter field goal
“When we held them to a field goal in the fourth quarter it was really a big turning point in the game and gave our offensive a little room to relax.”

On Penn State
“They have a lot of talented players and they play a lot better than their record shows.”

A.J. Hawk, Ohio State junior linebacker
On the retirement of Chic Harley’s number
“It was time to honor him. I am glad that I get the chance to wear his number for the next two years.”

On the field goal in the fourth quarter
“I was a little surprised that they decided to kick a field goal on fourth down, but I was glad that we were able to hold them to just three points.”

On the play of Penn State junior quarterback Michael Robinson
“We got in his face, sacked him a few times and just tried to disrupt his rhythm. When he gets out of the pocket he is very difficult to defend.”

Maurice Hall, Ohio State senior running back
On his 62-yard kickoff return
“I am glad that I was able to set up the team for a score just before the half. The field position the return gave us was very important and it set us up for a score that put us up by two touchdowns.”

On setting the Ohio State all-time return record
“I was looking forward to breaking the record and I am glad I got a chance to return one today.”

Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State freshman receiver
On the punt return for a touchdown
“Whenever I see an opening, I just try to burst through the hole as quick as I can and get to the end zone and that’s just what I did.”

On his impact as a freshman
“I think I provide a good spark for the team. I just try to have fun when I am out there.”

Anthony Schlegel, Ohio State junior linebacker
On the defensive effort
“I think we have done a great job defensively over the last two games. We have not allowed the big play to hurt us and we keep improving week by week. I think we have a great team here. If we continue to improve and execute what we work on in practice I think we are going to be just fine.”

On the impact of freshman Ted Ginn Jr.
“He is so fast and I am glad that we do not have to play against him.”

Penn State Quotes

Joe Paterno, Penn State head coach
On first half struggles
“We ought to be able to go up and down the field and do it again. We are just finding ways to kill ourselves. We worked like dogs all week on the kicking game. They scared us.”

On QB Michael Robinson
“He showed that he was a little rusty, as you might expect. He had not been playing quarterback all year. Overall it was a good performance.”

On being able to motivate the team the rest of the season
“Pride has to be a factor. It’s a young team. It’s not like we have a bunch of seniors. We have a young team who are going to be good.”

On the defense
“Up to now I thought we have played well. We got down 14-0 and they hung in there and gave us a chance to get back in the game.”

On first half
“The thing about the first half that killed us was bad field position. If they make you go a long way, with their kicking game, it’s tough.”

Charles Rush, Penn State junior guard
On the loss
“This loss is very frustrating. It is frustrating because overall, we played good defense and moved the football well on offense. We are now faced with the fact that we will not be playing in a bowl and will finish with a losing record and that is very disappointing.”

On the rest of the season
“Now we are playing for pride. We will continue to play hard, practice hard and go into every game determined to win. It is all about the team and nothing else.”

Calvin Lowry, Penn State junior safety
On the play of the defense
“We played a very hard and physical game today and gave our best effort. Defensively, we stopped them every time but one and held their running and passing games in check throughout the game. I thought we did a good job containing their quarterback and did a good job of not giving up any big offensive plays.”

On improvements made in this game
“The one thing we did better today than all season was we played with more heart and more passion. We were physical from the beginning and never let up.”

Tony Hunt, Penn State sophomore tailback
On the offense
“We improved greatly today. Our line created good holes to run through and gave our quarterback Michael (Robinson) the time he needed to make his throws. I thought I played better by hitting the holes the created faster and harder. But we weren’t able to find the end zone when we needed to.”

On the Ohio State defense
“They are a big physical group of players. They showed their speed today by getting to the ball quickly and making big plays. They did a great job of keeping us out of the end zone and that is how you win games.”

Jeremy Kapinos, Penn State sophomore punter
On the Ohio State punt return for a touchdown
“They made some key blocks on the return and sprang their runner free. Ginn has speed and if you give him room to run he is going to take advantage of it.”

On the play of the specials teams
“Overall, I thought we did a good job on special teams. We had some good punts and we blocked a field goal attempt. However, we made a few mistakes on one play and it changed the outcome of the game.”