Nov. 21, 2003

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the tonight’s game
“This was a great way to begin the season. Tonight’s game was a very physical game, we got to the foul line a lot and it gave a lot of our freshman an opportunity to play.”

On Ohio University
“Ohio is a very aggressive team and they stuck to their game plan from the beginning.”

On playing two games in three days
“This is what college basketball is all about. That’s the way it is at the end of the season and if you want to compete in March you have to be able to play a lot of games on a short amount of rest.”

Brandie Hoskins, Ohio State forward
On her first collegiate basketball game
“I was very excited to get started. I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I was so nervous.”

Michelle Muoz, Ohio State forward
On playing in her first game in over a year
“I just wanted to go out and play like I had been out there before. I’m glad the first game is over and out of the way and that the season has finally started.”

Kim Wilburn, Ohio State guard
On playing with freshman Jessica Davenport, who stand at six feet five inches
“Jessica is a great addition to our team. It’s like having our own Shaquille O’Neal in the middle of the paint. She’s great under the basket and she has a great all around game.” Caity Matter, Ohio State guard
On Ohio’s physical play
“Ohio was very physical. At first I don’t think we reacted very well to their intensity and I think that’s something we’re going to have work on in practice.”

Lynn Bria, Ohio University head coach
“Playing Ohio State tonight was a good measure for us in regards as to what we need to work on. They are the best team we’ll play all year. I like to play them early because I think they get better the more they play and if we have a chance, it will be early in the season. They really exploited our weaknesses.”

Latreece Bagley, Ohio forward
On playing Ohio State
“I don’t think their size hurt us, but their speed did. Even when their coach made substitutions, he didn’t lose much.”

Elizabeth Brown, junior forward
On Ohio State’s quickness
“The quickness of their guards was very effective. They would break us down, we would help each other up, and then our pairing would be mismatched.”