Dec. 14, 2002

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim O’Brien
On the game:
“We have been inconsistent. You can blame that on finals, but we had three full practices this week. It could be fatigue. We looked sluggish.

“We had a lot of open looks and we can’t pass up shot opportunities. That’s something that needs to come around. We did some good things on defense but I was disappointed with how we handled the ball.

“I wish we were playing a little better. Being 3-2 and winning all of our home games, we are happy with our record, but not with how we are playing.

On Zach Williams:
“We have a reward for taking charges in games and practice, and Zach is usually the guy who comes away with it. He is very knowledgeable and he can step up.

On Brent Darby:
“He played terrific and shot the ball well. As a coach, you have to be thrilled with his performance. However, the turnover column (on the stats sheet) just jumped out at me. I think it’s becuase he is tired and has his hands on the ball every time we are on offense.”

Ohio State guard Brent Darby
On the game:
“I think this was a good game for us. All our games so far have gone down to the wire. It was good to have a comfortable lead and have time to work on some things within the game.”

On his first half performance:
“I was feeling good in the first half and coach (Jim O’Brien) did a good job of getting me opportunities to score. I was getting open shots and was able to knock them down.” On taking himself out of the game:
“I got tired. I’m coming off a cold and I just wasn’t feeling great, so I asked coach (O’Brien) if I could have a rest and come out.”

Ohio State center Terence Dials
On the team’s second half performance and the opponent:
“We didn’t play as well (in the second half). We needed to execute better and put the ball in the basket, but we didn’t look past Morehead State at all. We know if we don’t play up to our potential that we can lose any game at any time.”

On the team becoming tired in the second half:
“Our legs got tired in the second half. We weren’t knocking down shots and we were making a lot of mental mistakes. We know we won’t be able to do in every game, especially in Big Ten games.

On the upcoming schedule:
It will be a lot easier now that finals are over. This month, we can just focus on basketball and try to win some games.

Ohio State guard Brandon Fuss-Cheatham
On his injury and returning:
“I’m at about 80 percent. I can still run fast but laterally, I’m a bit slower. Coach (O’Brien) wanted me to get into the game to feel a game situation. It was tiring because I had sat for so long but I felt I played decent.”

Morehead State Head Coach Kyle Macy
On the game:
“I was disappointed in our first half intensity. We came out and gave a good effort in the second half, but fell behind and Ohio State took advantage and jumped on top of us. We had three players from the state of Ohio return and to play in their home state today and when a player does that he sometimes pushes himself and tries to do too much. I think that was the problem with Ricky Minard today.

On his team’s performance:
“We did not execute as a team today on offense. The season is early and we will learn from this game. The team gave a hard effort out there today and laid it on the line. We actually out rebounded Ohio State by 11 today, which is something positive to take away from the game today.

On Ohio State’s performance:
“We wanted to double team Darby and make him give the ball up, but he is so quick and strong that he broke through our defensive scheme and penetrated the lane numerous times. He is an outstanding player and proved that today.”