Sept. 11, 2004

Ashton Youboty, OSU sophomore cornerback
On Nugent’s game-winning kick
“The last couple of minutes were very exciting, but we knew that Nugent had it in him.”

On preparing for Marshall
“Even though Marshall dropped its opener against Troy State, we knew that today would be a very tough game.”

On the second-half defensive effort
“There were certainly more running plays in the second half so we had to rely more on our linebackers. Our goal in the last couple of minutes was not to let them get into the end zone.”

Bobby Carpenter, OSU junior linebacker
On Marshall’s offensive unit
“They had us on our heels a lot in the second half, but we were able to stop them when it really mattered. We still have more work to do and we will have a look at the game film and try to correct some of our mistakes.”

On recording a career-high in tackles for the second-consecutive week
“My tackling has certainly gotten much better. Our defensive line has done a great job in freeing up the linebackers so we can make plays. Today our d-line did a great job again and we just made the plays.”

On the Marshall running game
“They really did a great job in coming at us today and we really did not have an answer for them, but we made the plays when it mattered.”

Santonio Holmes, OSU sophomore flanker
On the game
“I think we had a good game today overall as a team. Justin and I really saw eye-to-eye today. He played outstanding today and he did the things that he had to do. Marshall came ready to play. We needed to play hard and overcome adversity today to get the win.”

On Marshall’s adjustments in the second half
“In the second half, they moved into a cover-2 set on my side. We were still able to move the ball offensively, but most of our yards came underneath.” Lydell Ross, OSU senior tailback
On finding a way to win
“I think a win like this is definitely a character of this team. Coach Tressel has instilled in us a way to get the job done. We have been in so many situations like this before, so we know what we have to do to get the win.”

On his 55-yard rushing performance in the second half
“We began to wear on them in the second half. We corrected some of the mistakes we made in the first half and we took it to them.”

Simon Fraser, OSU senior defensive end
On Mike Nugent’s game-winning field goal
“I knew if the offense moved the ball down the field (senior kicker Mike) Nugent would be able to put it through. I saw the ball shift back and forth a little. When I saw it go in I just looked for Nugent. We all piled on him and it was a huge rush for the entire team.”

On the game
“We got what we expected today. Marshall had momentum on their side and kept pursuing forward. We know that our opponents are going to come in ready to play the full four quarters. We just need to be prepared for that.”

On the next game against North Carolina State
“They (NC State) came in here last season and pushed it into overtime. It is going to be a tough road game. We just need to prepare the whole week. We got the “W” today and that is all that matters right now.”

Justin Zwick, OSU sophomore quarterback
On the game
“I am confident in all of our receivers and with the guys we had out there today. I just need to make sure I stay calm, keep a level head and move the ball up the field.”

On Ohio State’s defense
“We have some young guys up front and I think they are still learning. I was just happy they were able to get the ball back to the offense.”

On the turnover margin
“The turnovers put us in a bad situation and certainly determined the outcome of the game. I felt disappointed with those two picks. I just have to make sure I go out and lead the team.”

On the last offensive play of the game
“I just wanted to get the snap off. We got a penalty and were able to stop the clock. It felt good to see the ball go through and avoid overtime. Nugent just came in there and got the job done for us.”

Bob Pruett, Marshall head coach
On the game
“Well it was certainly a game we would have loved to win, especially in the second half. The difference in the ballgame was in the two long passes early in the game when we had two blown coverages.”

On Ohio State’s offense
“The kid (Justin Zwick) came in there and passed efficiently. He made some great plays in the first half. No. 4 (Santonio Holmes) is a good receiver, he has great speed.”

On Marshall’s field goal attempt at the end of game
“We had a chance. They made their kick and we missed ours. We had an opportunity down there for a field goal and had a miscommunication. We called a fake and part of the line didn’t hear it. That certainly didn’t work but there was no guarantee. We can’t blame it on the kicker because he had some great punts and some great kickoffs. He just had one bad kick at an inopportune time.”

On Mike Nugent’s game-winning field goal
“That was a long kick. I guess that is the reason he is an All-American.”

Chris Royal, Marshall junior free safety
On his two interceptions
“On the first pick I sat back in zone coverage and the ball was virtually thrown right to me. On the second pick, I told everyone on defense we were in zone and to watch the deep ball. (Zwick) tried to look me off at first but then he turned towards me and made the throw. The ball came right to me.”

On the end of the game
“I was certain we were going to overtime. I was confident our defense would hold out because we had held them very well the entire second half. However, they did a good job of connecting on a few timely passes to set up a tough kicker who doesn’t miss.”

On being the underdog
“Surprisingly, being the underdog is something we really haven’t thought about. In past years we would read media reports that talked about how much of an underdog we were. We felt like we could win this game and had perfectly good chances to win, but we fell short.”

Stan Hill, Marshall senior quarterback
On the game
“This is a tough loss to swallow. It’s disappointing to be in position to win and not close the game out. We’ve had this happen too many times before. I thought we struggled in the first half but came out with a lot of confidence and motivation in the second. I thought our running game performed well and we had good play from the offensive line. I also thought we played very well defensively.”

On his touchdown pass
“They played hard cover-2 coverage on us the entire drive and our coaches in the press box gave us a play to beat that coverage. Brad (Bates) did a good job in keeping the corner on the hash and I just fired the ball in and he made a great catch.”

On Marshall’s last offensive drive
“We saw we had run the ball well, so we decided to keep running to get as many yards as we could. We wanted to run the clock down and punt deep into their territory. We did two out of the three. We just had a small mistake on our punt and it gave them good field position.”

Nate Griffin, Marshall senior left tackle
On halftime adjustments
“We were too excited in the first half and didn’t execute. When we entered the second half we were more focused and ready to play. We started to run the ball well on our first couple of drives so we just gained confidence little by little and that give us added confidence and the momentum we needed to create plays. It’s unfortunate we did not win.”