Dec. 14, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State Head Coach Beth Burns
“We gave it all we had. You can talk about execution in certain areas, but we played our guts out, and so did Louisville. It was a great game and both teams played hard right from jump ball.

“I am pleased with our performance in the first half. We have been getting kicked lately, and we came into the game with no excuses. We owned the glass.

“(Lauren) Shenk had a great game tonight. We put her at the top of our defense and as a senior she has a big effect of the team. She is a great defense and understands what to do on the court. She gets the ball inside to Shack (D’wan Shackleford) and CC (Courtney Coleman). Playing at the top on defense really got her on her toes and she had a great game.

“There was a critical time in the second half that hurt us and we let the game tempo get out of hand. Short of that, we gave it our best shot.

“Tonight was not one big step, but a lot of little steps towards getting better.

Ohio State Forward Courtney Coleman
“This week we talked amongst ourselves about how we had to come out tonight with a lot of energy and really played together.

On the offensive pace
“I don’t think we were tired (in the second half), we just could have moved the ball faster on offense. They played great defense but our pace was a little slow.”

Ohio State Forward D’wan Shackleford
“We have been working hard all week to get on the same page both on the court and off and tonight we were on the same page more than we have been.

On team depth
“It helps when you have someone like Charisse Crews come in the game and get some quick points and rebounds.

Louisville Head Coach Martin Clapp
“It was the tale of two defensive halves tonight. They like to pass the ball inside and can do a good job when they set up from the top of the circle. We did a better job on them in the second half.

“We had a positive locker room talk. We could have easily been down by 20 points at halftime. We made a defensive adjustment in the second half and made some key baskets.

“I think Ohio State just ran out of gas. Their injuries have hurt them because they couldn’t get subbed like we did. We got our subs in there when our players on the court were tired and just kept pounding it in there.”