Dec. 9, 2001%^$


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%^$IUPUI Head Coach Ron Hunter
%^$”I was very proud of our kids. Everyone gave a great effort tonight. We did a great job with our game plan. We made our shots, and we did a good job changing our defenses.%^$

%^$”We were trying to go media timeout to media timeout. We were trying to win each four-minute game. We took some quick shots at the end of the game and that is when they went on their run.%^$

%^$”We are trying to earn respect. Our school is in its fourth year in Division I. We just want to earn respect each time out.”%^$

%^$OSU Head Coach Jim O’Brien%^$”We had a hard time guarding IUPUI all game. Give them a lot of credit. They played hard and were very hard to guard. We had to play small because they had a huge quickness advantage.%^$

%^$”We had a few (defensive) starts on some possessions and we shot the ball pretty well. But I think all the problems we had were a result of their defense.%^$

%^$”I don’t think we took many bad 3-point shots. We had a lot more open looks tonight because they played a match-up zone. Typically, teams are out on us so we are off the 3-point line.%^$

%^$”If we are going to be a good team, there are going to be emotional and physical challenges and we are going to have to overcome them.”%^$

%^$Zach Williams
%^$”We knew they were an athletic team and we would have to come out and play hard on defense. Boban (Savovic) got his shots. When he is on, he’s on.%^$

%^$”We have good perimeter shooters and they had good looks and knocked down shots.”%^$

%^$Sean Connolly
%^$”We are lucky to have five wins and want to keep it going. We played better, and picked up our defense in the second half.%^$

%^$”I really tried to get hard on the glass tonight. Coach (O’Brien) is stressing our rebounding, so I just went after the ball.”%^$

%^$Boban Savovic
%^$”Each game, we are going to have a different high scorer and tonight was my night. I had good looks at the basket and hit my open shots.%^$

%^$”Our defense was pretty good, they just were able to hit some shots in the first half. Our defense shut that down in the second half.%^$

%^$”I think we are playing pretty well right now, but I have said that all along. We have come out hard for every game.”