Feb. 18, 2004

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State Head Coach Jim O’Brien
On the game
“We took a couple of quick shots toward the end of the half and a lead that was two or three, turned into an eight point game and we had to fight an uphill battle for the rest of the game. Iowa played very well together and their three guards are very tough to defend.”

On the play of Ohio State guard Shaun Smith
“Whenever you put Shaun into a game you know he’s going to give you everything and I thought he played well tonight.”

Ohio State senior center Velimir Radinovic
On Ohio State’s early game plan
“We knew they were undermanned without (Jared) Reiner and (Sean) Sonderleiter so we wanted to look inside. I think we were effective and took advantage of that early.”

Iowa head coach Steve Alford
On the game
“I thought we played smart and hard. You prepare your team to play from start to finish and I think we had a good team effort tonight. I am very proud that we could leave from an opponent’s house with a win.”

“I thought Ohio State had too many easy shots in the first 10 minutes. We came out in the second half and battled with them.”

On guards Brody Boyd and Jeff Horner
“Brody is shooting better than he was in non-conference play. Brody and Jeff (Horner) can stroke it from the 3-point range. That builds their confidence and they are on a roll now.”

On their six-day off time
“We are excited for our time off. It is much needed. We have been playing a seven-man rotation since Feb. 1 and it gives our players players some time off and it gives our coaching staff some recruiting time. Though we want to stay sharp and keep our conditioning up.” On guard Pierre Pierce and center Erek Hanson
“He is hard to defend off the dribble and is a good cutter. He did a great job of covering (Tony) Stockman tonight. Erek (Hanson) changed the mindset of Velimir (Radinovic) and Terrence (Dials). I think Velimir and Terrence thought that if the team could get the ball into them, they could get the shot. Erek did a nice job of staying inside and covering.”

Iowa senior guard Brody Boyd
On the game
“I missed a few shots tonight, but anytime I got the ball, I felt comfortable shooting it. The first four minutes of the first half and the first four minutes of the second half are the most important and we won the first four minutes in the first half. We got in the flow and began reading things when they played man-on-man.”

On the NCAA tournament
“I know what the NCAA and NIT feel like and we were really battling tonight. We need to control getting the road wins and the wins at home and now we get to watch some other teams play and see what they can do.”

Iowa sophomore guard Pierre Pierce
On the game
“We did a great job screening, cutting and back-screening, which freed us up on those lay-ups. We’ve been playing very hard and now have a streak going. It’s a great time for a week off.”