Jan. 17, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Beth Burns
“What can I say, I said it a few days ago, I’ve got the greatest group in America. Everybody wants to write them off except them. They are tougher than nails.

“Defense, rebounding and good decisions made the difference.

“Jamie (Lewis) was on (Cara Consuegra) most of the game. Jamie, Mandy (Stanhope) and Tomeka (Brown) were the keys to the game. We talked about the key to this game being transition defense. We got right to the ball. They were pretty disciplined and got right into their sets. They (Iowa) usually get 30 points on transition, but they didn’t have that tonight.

(When Lewis and Coleman had three fouls) “Tomeka did a great job. She was point guard by committee. We talked about that at the half because Jamie had some fouls. It was the people on the floor that made the difference.