Oct. 23, 2004

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Bobby Carpenter, OSU junior linebacker
On the game
“After three consecutive losses it felt really good to get the win today. We were pretty happy today. Our offense stepped it up and got us going in the right direction. It is now a four-game season for us.”

On the defense
“The defensive line did a good job of flushing the pocket. We just need to get tough against the run and the pass. We just need to come out every game with intensity and passion.”

Santonio Holmes, OSU sophomore split end
On the game
“This win means a lot to us. We didn’t have any turnovers and that was a good thing. Indiana made a lot of mistakes today and we just need to make sure to capitalize on our opponents’ mistakes.”

On Troy Smith, OSU sophomore quarterback
“He led our team and won the game for us. He is a quarterback who brings scrambling ability to the team. He has a niche for getting out of the pocket. He opens up the offense when we are in trouble.”

Anthony Schlegel, OSU junior linebacker
On the game
“We come into every game now as the underdogs. We have to come out and establish ourselves every time. As the game progressed today, our guys started to make plays. We just need to make sure we take what we practice to the field every game.”

On the defense
“This was a confidence boost for the defense. I am happy with the way we played today but there is always room for improvement. When our offense is moving the ball it makes it easier for the defense. Our mission is to go out as a team and get the win. It feels good to get a Big Ten win.”

Steve Rehring, OSU freshman offensive lineman
On seeing his first action of the season
“It was quite an experience being out there and it was a lot of fun. I was very happy to be out there and when we scored in the fourth quarter I was so excited to be out there. As a kid growing up in Ohio, being on the field during a touchdown is the type of stuff that you dream about.”

On being told he would see playing time
“When the coaches asked me if I was ready to see some playing time this week in practice, I was very excited and I called everybody I knew to let them know that I would be in the game.”

On being prepared for the game
“When you go up against a defense like ours everyday in practice you are always going to be ready.”

Mike Nugent, OSU senior kicker
On going three-for-three in field goals
“Coach Tressel really does a great job of putting us in pressure-packed situations in practice so I really don’t feel nervous about kicking long field goals during key moments of the game.”

On the win
“This win really gives us a lot of confidence and hopefully we can keep this momentum going.”

Antonio Pittman, OSU freshman running back
On his career-best rushing performance
“The offensive line opened up some great holes and all I had to do was run through them. I give all the credit to them. They did a great job.”

On his first career touchdown
“That touchdown run in the fourth quarter felt so good and that is why I dove into the end zone. I have been dreaming about that moment for a long time and it was a great feeling when I got into the end zone.”

Ted Ginn Jr., OSU freshman wide receiver
On his first career touchdown reception
“I just tried to make something happen. When the ball was in the air and I saw the end zone I just turned on the burners.”

On the game plan
“Our game plan coming into the game was just to get a win. We wanted to come out and be aggressive and I think we did a great job today.”

On the play of sophomore quarterback Troy Smith
“Troy is like my big brother and I am so happy for him. I thought he played very well today.”

Indiana Quotes

Gerry DiNardo, Indiana Head Coach
On the game
“I thought the second half our defense hung in there. Our defense played well enough in the second half that if our offense could have moved the ball then we could have hung in there.”

On Ohio State’s speed
“They are fast. They have always been fast. I thought their offense against our defense we lost contain too many times, especially in the first half. They are fast. We probably won’t outrun them.”

On the first half
“I thought in the first half our tackling was poor and our contain was poor. Those were the two things we could have done better.”

On Indiana’s running game
“We have struggled most of the year. We are trying to devise some ways to generate a running attack.”

On the replay and OSU TD at the beginning of the game
“Well it was big, but that is the reason for the replay and you run that risk. I am still glad we have it. Our defense overcame that and they held up after that. I thought in the second half our defense played well enough that if our offense would have generated some points they would have hung in there. In my opinion, that was too early in the game to say that was a critical thing. If that would have happened late in the game then it would have been a critical play.

“The first drive the second half when it was second and three and the offense threw an interception, to me that was much more significant then when they thought we had a fumble and we didn’t.”

On Ohio State’s defense
They are good. I think what separates them from the previous year is that they are younger. They are always going to be talented in Columbus.”

Matt LoVecchio, Indiana senior quarterback
On the game
“We made too many mistakes today and that cost us the game. We missed our blocking assignments. I missed some critical throws. We did not tackle well and we let them make too many big plays.”

On the offense
“Offensively this season we have ran the option really well and had success. However, today Ohio State was prepared for the option attack and had good penetration all afternoon. When they stopped the option it took us out of our game plan and we couldn’t make a decent recovery.”

Courtney Roby, Indiana senior wide receiver
On the Ohio State defense
“Their defense is an athletic bunch. They have good speed and got a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They made key plays at the right time.”

On the positive aspects of the game
“I thought we moved the ball well at times today and we did complete some good passes. We just need to stay consistent for the entire game. If we stay consistent we are going to win some games.”

Victor Adeyanju, Indiana junior defensive end
On Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith
“He is an agile quarterback who can make some moves when he is in the open field. His ability to move away from pressure gives Ohio State a new dimension in their offense. Overall, I thought we did a good job slowing him down in the second half and disrupting his timing on his passes.”

On the Indiana defense
“I thought we defended the pass well. However, we did not do a good job of stopping their running game. We missed too many tackles and gave up too many big plays. We cannot expect to win any games if we are giving up over 200 rushing yards.”