Feb. 1, 2004

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
On the general play of the game
“The first half had a flow to it. The second went another way. In the second half, the game got halted, but the play was no different. In the first, we were doing a lot of good things. We reacted well, got into the open floor and the high-low game. We made good decisions.”

On the play of the OSU guards
“The guards complemented our centers very well. The way they played is very advantageous for us.”

On the inside play of freshman Jessica Davenport and senior LaToya Turner
“They are growing in a lot of ways. Jessica is comfortable on the high post and I think LaToya instills that by saying ‘Throw it (to me and I will catch it).’ Jesscia’s concentration has gone up also.”

LaToya Turner, Ohio State senior center
On Indiana center Angela Hawkins
“She was aggressive and she did not give easy baskets. Plus, she managed to make some shots also.”

Caity Matter, Ohio State junior forward
On the game
“The flow of the game was much better in the first half. The second half turned more physical because players were trying to drive into the lane.”

Jessica Davenport, Ohio State freshman center
On the pace of the game
“We played a fast paced first half, but the game slowed down in the second half. We were able to make some easy baskets in the first half. In the second they were more conscious of what we were doing.” Indiana head coach Kathi Bennett
On the game
“I don’t think you are going to win games when you put the other team on the free-throw line. They were able to get rebounds and turn it into something good.”

On freshman center Jessica Davenport
“She is an excellent player. She is one of the best and can really dominate in a game.”