Jan. 31, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim O’Brien
(On IU’s pressure) “Their pressure was not a big deal. They were pressuring at half court. With all the hand-checking being called, we were intending to drive by them. The pressure was not a big deal. What’s disappointing is not getting the ball inbounds in a simple situation. We got very scattery and careless with ball. That was the difference.

(On IU’s 3-point shooting) “We were not tough enough. Haston got (two) and Coverdale had five. We did not guard them tough enough. You help on the post when you can, but you have to keep attention to your guy. They hit six threes in the first half.

(On Haston’s steal) “We just wanted to get the ball inbounds and run the play from there. We had poor plays and bad decisions at the end. I don’t know what to attribute it to.

“We tried to go to Kenny. He had two baskets at the end, but they were ganging up on him. We can’t constantly go to him. We need to go to some different options, but we are still in a quandary of who the other options are and who is going to score for us.”

(On Michigan State win) “(This game) cancels it out.”

(On the future) “I don’t know if we’re capable of looking at the big picture. We just need to focus on winning the next game.”

Brian Brown
(On Coverdale) “We knew Coverdale was capable of hitting the three. He played a great game. He was coming off screens from down low and end up at the top of the key where he was wide open for threes.”

(On Haston’s steal at end of game) “I thought I did (get fouled). The ref didn’t call it. That’s the way it goes. The play was just to get it in bounds. Good teams step it up and make things happen.” (On NCAA Tournament) “I don’t think this game affects us. We take it game by game. This is a tough loss. We forfeited everything we got from beating Michigan State. We just have to go game by game. We’ve still got eight games left and the Big Ten Tournament. We need to win on the road. We have to establish that we can win on the road. Hopefully we can win all of our road games. We’re supposed to win at home. This is my first loss to Indiana and I know we could have won the game. Our toughness was not the same as it was against Michigan State. It was the first 10 minutes, but it wasn’t the last 25.”

Ken Johnson
“We know we have a lot of things to work on. It’s a matter of going out there and doing it. I didn’t have a great game tonight. I need to keep my focus and do better on offense. Today, it just didn’t happen.”

“Mentally, there’s a whole lot of pressure. I just need to let it go and go play.”

(On the road ahead) “We have a tough road ahead of us. We have to keep our focus and step it up. Everybody is good in this league. You can’t take anybody lightly, whether you are at home or away.”

Tim Martin
“We had a huge opportunity today. We gave everything we had against Michigan State. We had the opportunity to go above .500 in the Big Ten. We went down the steps today instead of up. We have to get back at it in practice.

“It hurts a lot. It was a big loss. It’s important to protect your home court. Every home game is important. We haven’t won on the road yet, so we have to win at home.”

Indiana head coach Mike Davis
“We wanted to press them from the jump. It really hurt them. They couldn’t get into a rhythm. We wanted to take them out of their rhythm, and I think we caught them off guard. I knew if we could get them out of rhythm, we could beat them.

“We wanted to go inside and outside from the get-go. Jared Jeffries had a great game doing that.

“We wanted to do a good job managing the clock. We turned up a lot of shots tonight. Coverdale did a great job of that.”