Jan. 29, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Beth Burns
“I think that coming in, Indiana has an awful lot of weapons and they’re kind of a `pick your poison’ type team defensively because they’ve been so consistent on the block and are the No. 1 3-pt. field goal shooting team in the league.

“I think we really tried to extend and do some things defensively, and although we gave up an inordinate amount of points ourselves, I still don’t think really that was the story.

“This was the kind of game that came down to players making plays and I thought Indiana at three or four different times in the second half really stepped up and made very big baskets with seconds on the clock.

“Our Achilles heel, if you will, is where we regress to try to do it by yourself.

“I thought our turnover situation was probably, ultimately the biggest undoing for our team.”