Dec. 10, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Eastern Michigan Coach Suzy Merchant
“I am happy we won. Coming to Ohio State and getting a victory says a lot about our program and where we are.

“We worked hard to take out their offensive rebounding. We were able to take that away in the second half and that was the difference.

“We like to shoot the outside shot. We came in knowing we had to spread them out offensively.”

Eastern Michigan guard Stephanie Smiley
“I was able to get shots because other people were driving and drawing double teams. That allowed me to get open looks in the second half.”

Ohio State Coach Beth Burns
“I am disappointed in the way we started. We didn’t open in the sets that we said we were going to open in. It is on me to make sure people listen and we continue to be disappointed. We need to be motivated to keep working.

“Our older players had enough trouble and our younger players were also struggling.

“We got fatigued. We were able to make a run, but there was still way too much time remaining. I used timeouts and things like that to give us rest. They (Eastern Michigan) came in here and played for 40 minutes.

“College athletics is competitive and everyone experiences injuries. We still need to be prepared. We need to relish these challenges and respond.”

Ohio State forward D’wan Shackleford
“We were all mad with the way we came out in the first half. I had fire in my eyes and I guess my teammates saw that and they gave me the ball.

“We just weren’t able to finish tonight.”