Nov. 13, 2003

Recap| Box Score

Head Coach Jim O’Brien
On his overall impression of the game
“We made some bad choices and gave up some key 3-pointers. We were out-played in the closing minutes and were not able to score. We were clearly more selfish than last week and you could tell that with some of our decisions. Our shooting was off tonight and that is something where we really need to increase our focus.”

On what needs improvement
“Our guys need to learn how to win. We need to learn how to be good players all-around. We came out a little flat and we need to have guys step up to lead this team. We need to be patient and find our guys inside and we cannot leave the ball on the perimeter.”

On the shot selection
“We have to instill within our players what constitutes a good shot and a bad shot and that is something we really need to focus in on throughout this season.”

Terence Dials, sophomore forward
On team’s mood tonight
“We came out flat. Our guards gave up threes and our big guys didn’t box out down low. It started with the shoot-around this morning. We were flat and not focused. This is hard to get over, but we have to focus to be as good as we want to be.”

On the loss
“This humbles us. We scored 97 points last game but this is a major step back. It’s a wake-up call. We’ve got to step up and play hard now.”

On the style of play in the game
“The game was scrappy. Guys were falling on the floor, but we lacked hustle and we didn’t box out. They played a good game, but we were sluggish.”

Matt Sylvester, sophomore forward
On the loss
“It was one of those nights when we weren’t getting the bounces, but we didn’t play hard. We were lackadaisical all day and it showed on defense.” On what the team will do next
“We want people to think we have potential, but that is a scary word. We need to get back in the gym, work hard and look forward to San Francisco and Hawaii.”

On playing better defense
“We know we can score but we have to get in the gym and find out who will defend. They are the ones who need to be out there on the floor.”

J.J. Sullinger, sophomore guard
On the game
“We’re upset. We’ve already moved back, now we need to move forward. We don’t look at this as just an exhibition game. Every game is important and we need to work harder.”

“We can take this as a positive or a negative. A lot of us have never played together before. Playing in a game is different than practicing together. It takes time to get used to each other. We will take this loss as a positive and move forward.”

How the team can improve
“We really need to work on our defense – myself especially. We weren’t doing a good job of guarding or at the free throw line.”