Dec. 15, 2002

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
On the game:
“From my point-of-view, we played a lot better than we have been. Beating a ranked team doesn’t matter until March. How we played and our basketball IQ was impressive.”

On the second half:
“We did a much better job of taking care of the ball. We identified their 3-point shooters better and they didn’t have as many 3-point shots.”

On freshman Kim Wilburn:
“She is a talented player who has a passion for the game of basketball. She loves to be coached. As a point guard you have to have a love for the game and a big heart to compete. That is a great starting point for her early in her career.”

On the transition game:
“We feel our post players can run the floor. We had some early opportunities to force their post players to run maybe more than they would have liked. We ran hard. Our transition phase was at a higher level today and we needed it to be against this team.”

Ohio State junior LaToya Turner:
“We came out ready to play today. We started off well and just played energized for the rest of the game.”

Ohio State sophomore Caity Matter:
“We played aggressive today and everyone looked for each other. (Courtney Coleman) and (LaToya Turner) were able to put up some offensive rebounds and that really gave us momentum.”

Ohio State senior DiDi Reynolds:
“We have struggled against some good teams this season and have led up early in the past couple of games. We had a tough week of practice and just put it all together today. We knew we needed this win to get over a curve. Everyone was shooting well and our confidence was high.”

Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini
On the game:
“We didn’t play the same way in the second half. Ohio State was fired up. They pounded on the boards early and scored on five straight possessions. It seemed like the air just went out of the balloon. We played flat and that gave them more confidence.”

On the difference of Ohio State from last year:
“They (Ohio State) have a different style of play this year. They are much more deliberant and slow down to use the clock. They isolate the post and spread the court. They go to the boards hard.”

On Ohio State’s Kim Wilburn:
“She is a smart player. She didn’t score a lot of points but that’s not your job as a point guard. It was her job to run the offense and she did a great job of running the team. She made sure the ball was distributed.”

On Arizona’s Shawntinice Polk:
“(Shawntinice) Polk did a good job today. She just didn’t get enough help from our other players. We usually have four or five players in double figures. They did a good job defensively on us.”