Nov. 19, 2006

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Ohio State head coach Jim Foster
On Ohio State’s athleticism
“I think we did a great job in the second half. Our second half concentration was better than it was in the first half and we were good at the foul line. Brandie’s play was terrific and our overall execution was good.”

On Ohio State
“We’re a disciplined basketball team and we work on our half court execution. We can get out and run. I like our players who can play at the 4-position.”

Jessica Davenport, senior center
On the team
“We had good ball management. I think in the second half, we played better and got some easy shots. We need to be a bit more disciplined on defense and make sure we don’t foul as much.”

On adjusting without Debbie Merrill (forward on 2005-06 Ohio State team)
“I think you just get comfortable with the players after one practice or so. You get used to where they’ll be when you have the ball.”

Maria Moeller, freshman guard
On pressuring the ball
“As a point guard, you have to pressure the ball on defense. It slows their offense down and forces them to have to make longer passes.”

On her first game at “The Schott” (Value City Arena)
“It was great. I was really excited about playing on our home court and feel the home atmosphere at the Schott.”

USC head coach Mark Trakh
On the game
“I thought (Jessica) Davenport had a good game and the other kids played well around her. The other kids are real patient because they’ll wait to find Davenport open. I thought Chloe Kerr played well against Davenport. (Maria) Moeller also played hard and hit some big 3s. She kept her poise and ran their offense. This is an outstanding arena and crowd. This game was a great experience because it was fun seeing the tradition here.”

“Our players competed today and I’m proud of that. We lost six players, but they still played hard and never got down.”