Nov. 5, 2006

Recap |  Box Score

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta
On the game
“Offensively, we got better setting guys up and making passes than we did Wednesday. The big challenge for us overcome is getting all five guys to work hard on defense. It is important that we were better today going out and rebounding.”

On a nine-player roster
“We have to find a way to play through it. It’s tough but you have to show no weakness and when Greg Oden gets back we’ll have a solid nine. I like (Mike) Conley running the offense because he has such a command and understanding of what we are trying to do.”

Mike Conley Jr., freshman guard
On the game
“We are really trying harder to get more rebounds, but I think we are ready for the season. Walsh is a very good Division II school and did a better job of rebounding than we did tonight.”

On the teams offense
“We ran a lot better and got a lot more easy baskets. Everyone knew the plays really well today and we had a lot of success running plays.”

On his nine assists
“Well, that tells me that I’m doing my job. We were playing really aggressive and I think I really helped the team develop the offense.”

David Lighty, freshman forward
On rebounding
“I thought we did a better job rebounding but we still got out rebounded so that is something we still need to work on.” On the offense
“That is something that coach really wants us to do, get out on the break like that. We have to get the ball first with rebounds before we run the floor. Sometimes we got out a little early.”

On his 4-of-5 shooting from 3- point territory
“In high school, I was more of a streaky shooter, but that is all we do in practice is shoot, so I have gotten a lot better.”

Ron Lewis, senior guard
On the offense
“We did a lot better job of helping each other out, especially in the post. We did a good job of rotating down there to help out our guys.”

On getting more minutes
“It really helps me with my scoring. It helps me get in the flow of the game a lot better and I can be a lot more consistent.”

On running a zone defense
“It helps us out because we are a very quick team. It lets us get in passing lanes and get out and run. It is also bad for us because we are still small and need to get more rebounds.”