Dec. 12, 2017

In 2016, the Ohio State fan base was ranked No. 1 in all of college athletics in a poll released by Fansided Time Inc. This year — as they have been known to do — Buckeye faithful stepped up their game, not only successfully defending their crown as the nation’s best fandom, but also assuming the top sports ranking in the world.


(NEW YORK, NY December 12, 2017) — Time Inc.’s FanSided today released the 2017 Fandom 250 list– its annual ranking of the top 250 fandoms in the world–and announced that Ohio State Buckeye fans are the #1 best fandom in the world for 2017. The wide-ranging list from the fan-powered blog network identifies and ranks the best fandoms in the world of sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle and more. To determine the list, FanSided editors gather information over several months and assign fandoms points for longevity, worth, size, social interaction, buzz factor and passion. The full 2017 Fandom 250 list, sortable by category, is available here:

To celebrate this year’s winner, FanSided created a new Fandom 250 video production featuring a first-hand look at what makes these fans stand apart. OSU fans are also spotlighted in a new feature on Buckeyes fans follow the 2016 fandom of the year, Chicago Cubs fans.

“We’ve long been impressed by the power and passion of Ohio State fans,” said Managing Editor Mike Dyce. “The Buckeye faithful came in #8 in the world in last year’s Fandom 250 and in 2017 they really impressed, supporting their Buckeyes football team all the way to a Big Ten Championship.”

Ohio State fans edged out fans of Game of Thrones (#2), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (#3), Star Wars (#4), and Conor McGregor (#5) to take the top spot in FanSided’s second annual Fandom 250 rankings. Other notable fandoms ranking #1 in their respective categories were: Brands: Netflix fans; Celebrities: Dwayne Johnson fans; Comics: Marvel fans; Gaming: Pokémon fans; Internet Famous: Jenna Marbles fans; MLB: Chicago Cubs fans; Movies: Star Wars fans; Music: Beyoncé fans; NBA: Golden State Warriors fans; NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers fans; NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins fans; Soccer: Real Madrid fans; Sports Figures: Conor McGregor fans; and TV: Game of Thrones fans.

For the first time ever, FanSided put the Fandom 250 categories up to a reader vote, giving real fans a way to share their voice and vouch for their favorite fanbase. The 2017 Reader’s Choice rankings are available here:

“We place a lot of weight on buzz so the fandom having a strong year as part of the conversation is an important factor to determining the rankings,” said FanSided VP of Content, Patrick Allen. “The most important factor our editors consider is what we call the passion barometer. The quality of fandom is just as important to us as longevity and size. There are many great fandoms that are small and passionate and we try to shine a light on them with our rankings as well. When we feel like a fandom is checking all the boxes, that group has an excellent chance to be ranked highly for the year.”

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