Aug. 16, 2015

Adolphus Washington, senior defensive lineman
On the potential of the 2015 team
“It could be something special and could go down as one of the best in history, I believe. We have so many weapons: the best offensive line in the country, two of the best quarterbacks in the country, some of the most talented receivers. Pick your poison, we’ve got it everywhere.”

On how he would tackle Ezekiel Elliott
“You have to get your hands on him first. And when you do, you’ve got to bring it because he’s quick and a powerful runner. It’s a tough job.”

Joshua Perry, senior linebacker
On his transition from Olentangy to Ohio State
“I was prepared to come to Ohio State. I was raised in a great community, where parents showed you the right way and the community showed you the right way. It made you accountable, which you are expected to be here at OSU. It made the transition here a lot easier.”

On his experience volunteering with Souls4Soles in Costa Rica
“Everyone we interacted with was appreciative and grateful to spend time and interact with us. It was a great experience. I also enjoyed making a new network of friends from other sports. It was a great opportunity to meet other athletes outside of football.”

Braxton Miller, senior wide receiver
On how he’s progressing in the transition to wide receiver
“It’s going good other than my legs being so sore. The biggest adjustment has been going one-on-one against someone every play.”

On how his shoulder feels
“I was full go in the scrimmage yesterday. I was in the backfield, fell and hit the ground, and it felt fine.”

On the experience of changing positions
“It’s fun. It feels like when I was growing up and playing a bunch of different positions. I’m just enjoying football. Whatever I do on the field, I want to be the best at it.

“Catching the ball out there, you’re already on second or third level. Make one person miss and it’s off to the races. I’m going to be in the backfield too. It’s going to be fun man. Like playing video games.”

Eli Apple, sophomore cornerback
On his biggest improvements from last season.
“One thing I’ve definitely been working on is tracking the ball better. I felt like I had a lot of opportunities to get picks and make plays on the ball last year, but I didn’t make them.”

On his work in the weight room
“I did some push-ups before I came out here [laughs]. I’m up to 200 pounds. I feel stronger, a lot faster and overall physically better.”

Cardale Jones, junior quarterback
On the difference between this and last year’s Media Day
“I didn’t have much interest from reporters last year. All signs were pointing to J.T. as a starter at that point since Braxton had just had his injury. Now, I’m sitting here with 5-6 cameras in front of me.”

On Torrance Gibson’s position switch
“He’s a competitor. He wanted to play. Everything he learns at a different position will help him at quarterback.”

On Braxton Miller
“He is the best athlete in the country. He is dynamic. I want to hurry up and get the ball to him. I’m anxious to see what he can do.”

Michael Thomas, junior wide receiver
On adding Braxton Miller to the wide receiver group
“It’s been fun to be in the same room as him. We’ve always been so close and it’s a dream come true to play with your brother at the same position. Every day he is making progress. The sky is the limit for him at the position.”

“I want to be a better leader. We lost two seniors to NFL. I want to make sure we pick up where we left off. At the end of the day it’s football. You’re going to find the guys who love to compete and go hard.”

Joshua Perry, senior linebacker
On the team’s mindset
“We have a focused team but we are not too uptight. One thing people say is you win one (championship) and you get uptight. We don’t feel that way right now.”

On camp moving to Coffey Road Park
“You find out how much everyone really trusts each other. You find out what everybody is made of. “

Ezekiel Elliott, junior running back
On the team’s focus
“The main priority now is getting back to the Big Ten championship. We’re a team and work as a group. We play for each other. We’re brothers.”

On being there for his teammates
“It’s just day to day. You just have to focus on winning every week. No one last year even thought we’d make it to the playoff. We keep each other humble as teammates.”

Isiah Prince, freshman offensive line
On the biggest factor of choosing to Ohio State from the east coast
“The honesty. Coach Meyer kept it real. He never lied to me. It’s a family here. We all love each other. I could come to anyone on the team or the coaching staff and they would be there for me.”

Torrance Gibson, freshman wide receiver
On what sold him on attending Ohio State
“Everything. My family thought it was a great fit for me even though I didn’t have the chance to play quarterback right away.”

On his switch from quarterback to wide receiver for the 2015 season
“I approached Coach Meyer and told him I wanted to get on the field. I didn’t want to be a selfish guy and didn’t want to sit on the bench. I wanted to come in right away and help the team.”

Taylor Decker, senior offensive line
“My big focus is working to make my unit better. Game by game. They’re are more important things right now than end of season.”