May 10, 1999

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The threesome of Andrew Pierce (So., Yellow Springs, Ohio), Donica Merriman (So., Trotwood, Ohio) and Dominque Calloway (Jr., Aurora, Colo) won two events each on Sunday at the Phil Diamond Quad in Ann Arbor, Mich. Pierce was victorious in the 200- and 400-meter dashes, while Merriman won the 100- and 200-meter dashes. Calloway set the standard in the 100- and 400-meter hurdles.%^$

%^$ Two womens relay teams, the 4×400 and the 4×1600, also won Sunday for the Buckeyes in %^$the four-team meet. %^$

%^$ Ohio State will compete in the Billy Hayes Invitational at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. May 15.%^$

%^$Mens Team Scores%^$1. Michigan 208%^$2. Penn State 175%^$3. Missouri 167%^$4. Ohio State 122%^$

%^$Womens Team Scores%^$1. Michigan 201.5%^$2. Penn State 168%^$3. Missouri 152.5%^$4. Ohio State 150%^$

%^$Individual Events%^$Mens Hammer Throw%^$1. Patrik Johansson, Michigan 59.36%^$4. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 46.06%^$7. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 43.40%^$

%^$Mens Javelin%^$1. Darren File, Missouri 68.86%^$7. Rusty Azbelll, Ohio State 31.08%^$8. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 17.92%^$

%^$Mens Shot Put%^$1. Micah Shanks, Missouri 16.55%^$7. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 13.76%^$8. Rusty Azbellll, Ohio State 11.85%^$

%^$Mens Long Jump%^$1. George Auda, Penn State 7.59%^$2. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.48%^$8. Nigel Carter, Ohio State 6.69%^$

%^$Mens Discus%^$1. Darrell Mienke, Missouri 56.00%^$7. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 43.16%^$8. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 42.20%^$

%^$Mens High Jump%^$1. Ryan Olkowski, Penn State 2.13%^$4. Alan Barr, Ohio State 2.03%^$

%^$Mens Pole Vault%^$1. Charles DeWildt, Michigan 4.88%^$2. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 4.73%^$5. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 4.27%^$

%^$Mens Triple Jump%^$1. Oded Padan, Michigan 14.98%^$2. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 14.51%^$7. Nigel Carter, Ohio State 12.27%^$

%^$Mens 4×400-meter relay%^$1. Michigan 40.79%^$4. Ohio State 41.84%^$

%^$Mens 3,000-meter steeplechase%^$1. Ian Connor, Ohio State 9:01.76%^$3. Chris Hudick, Ohio State 9:24.43%^$

%^$Mens 1,500-meter run%^$1. Jay Cantin, Michigan 3:47.51%^$8. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 3:56.43%^$

%^$Mens 110-meter hurdles%^$1. Derrick Applewhite, Michigan 14.60%^$6. Tony Larocca, Ohio State 15.45%^$

%^$Mens 400-meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 46.42%^$8. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 50.29%^$

%^$Mens 100-meter dash%^$1. Ike Okenwa, Michigan 10.60%^$3. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 10.70%^$5. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 11.10%^$

%^$Mens 800-meter run%^$1. Derrick Peterson, Missouri 1:48.46%^$8. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 1:59.50%^$

%^$Mens 400-meter hurdles%^$1. Ben Karcz, Penn State 52.43%^$5. Jeff Keiselbach, Ohio State 57.39%^$

%^$Mens 200-meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 21.18%^$6. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 21.97%^$

%^$Mens 3,000-meter run%^$1. Steve Lawrence, Michigan 8:21.08%^$6. J.J. ORielly, Ohio State 8:29.62%^$

%^$Mens 4×1600-meter relay%^$1. Missouri 3:09.53%^$4. Ohio State 3:16.76%^$

%^$Womens Hammer Throw%^$1. Julie Presley, Michigan 48.40%^$4. Karen Keys, Ohio State 41.64%^$5. Katie Craig, Ohio State 39.24%^$

%^$Womens Javelin%^$1. Carrie Karbinos, Ohio State 48.48%^$5. Keely Hancox, Ohio State 35.00%^$8. Katie Craig, Ohio State 18.21%^$

%^$Womens Long Jump%^$1. Brandi Bentley, Michigan 6.36%^$7. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 4.54%^$8. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 3.80%^$

%^$Womens Pole Vault%^$1. Candice Mullings, Michigan 3.20%^$6. Alicia Hill, Ohio State 2.44%^$

%^$Womens High Jump%^$1. Nicole Forrester, Michigan 1.83%^$7. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 1.63%^$

%^$Womens Shot Put%^$1. Deshaya Williams, Penn State 14.96%^$3. Karen Keys, Ohio State 13.55%^$8. Katie Craig, Ohio State 11.20%^$

%^$Womens Discus%^$1. Deshaya Williams, Penn State 53.22%^$4. Katie Craig, Ohio State 40.96%^$6. Karen Keys, Ohio State 39.12%^$

%^$Womens 5,000-meter run%^$1. Elizabeth Kampfe, Michigan 17:10.00%^$7. Karyn Kelly, Ohio State 18:10.73%^$9. Maureen Knotts, Ohio State 19:51.85%^$

%^$Womens 4×400-meter relay%^$1. Ohio State 45.24%^$(Calloway, Rejouis, Coleman, Merriman)%^$

%^$Womens 1,500-meter run%^$1. Katie McGregor, Michigan 4:20.22%^$8. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 4:48.55%^$9. Katy Stevens, Ohio State 4:52.95%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 13.12%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 13.23%^$

%^$Womens 400-meter dash%^$1. Cathy Rejouis, Ohio State 54.74%^$4. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 56.48%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 11.55%^$7. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 13.28%^$

%^$Womens 800-meter run%^$1. Ashley Wysong, Missouri 2:06.26%^$3. Carrie Hoblet, Ohio State 2:07.77%^$

%^$Womens 400-meter hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 56.48%^$2. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 59.16%^$

%^$Womens 200-meter dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 23.86%^$4. Cathy Rejouis, Ohio State 24.82%^$

%^$Womens 3,000-meter run%^$1. Katie McGregor, Michigan 9:26.10%^$4. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:12.96%^$8. Karyn Kelly, Ohio State 10:46.22%^$9. Katy Stevens, Ohio State 10:46.88%^$

%^$Womens 4×1600-meter relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:41.45%^$(Reece, Hoblet, Calloway, Rejouis)%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter hurdles (non-scoring)%^$1. Tiffany Hodge, Michigan 14.61%^$4. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 15.09%^$

%^$Womens 400-meter run%^$1. Shalina Rankin, Michigan 57.36%^$2. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 1:00.39%^$%^$