May 17, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The sophomore tandem of Andrew Pierce (Yellow Springs, Ohio) and Donica Merriman (Trotwood, Ohio) were each victorious at the Billy Hayes Invitational in Bloomington, Ind. Saturday. Pierce won the 400-meter dash and Merriman came out on top in the 200-meter dash. The meet was non-scoring.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will travel to Purdue for the Big Ten Championships, which begin Friday. The Championships, held in West Lafayette, Ind., will last through May 23.%^$

%^$Individual Events%^$Mens 100-meter dash%^$ 1. Wendell Faria, McKendree 10.64%^$22. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 11.31%^$26. Nigel Carter, Ohio State 11.65%^$

%^$Mens 200-meter dash%^$ 1. Wendell Faria, McKendree 21.41%^$15. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 22.30%^$

%^$Mens 400-meter dash%^$ 1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 46.51%^$17. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 49.28%^$

%^$Mens 800-meter run%^$ 1. Ben Kapsoiya, So. Indiana 1:48.85%^$30. Greg Willis, Ohio State 1:59.66%^$

%^$Mens 1,500-meter run%^$ 1. Jason Biatka, E. Illinois 3:47.85%^$ 3. Ian Connor, Ohio State 3:49.05%^$ 4. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 3:49.66%^$17. J.J. ORielly, Ohio State 3:59.30%^$20. Chris Hudik, Ohio State 4:02.21%^$

%^$Mens 110-meter hurdles%^$ 1. Paul Sehzue, Toledo 14.31%^$10. Tony Larocca, Ohio State 15.41%^$

%^$Mens 400-meter hurdles%^$ 1. Ernest Clark, Indiana 52.53%^$ 6. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 53.73%^$17. Tony Larocca, Ohio State 58.84%^$

%^$Mens 4×400-meter relay%^$ 1. Western Michigan 3:12.56%^$ 6. Ohio State 3:17%^$

%^$Mens High Jump%^$ 1. Steven Smith, Elite Athletes 2.27m%^$12. Alan Barr, Ohio State 1.90m%^$

%^$Mens Pole Vault%^$ 1. Brian Garriotte, Indiana 5.05m%^$ 2. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 4.85m%^$

%^$Mens Long Jump%^$ 1. Marshaun West, Notre Dame 7.47m%^$ 3. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.27m%^$ 9. Nigel Carter, Ohio State 6.35m%^$

%^$Mens Discus Throw%^$ 1. Will Summers, Unattatched 55.87m%^$18. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 41.22m%^$20. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 38.48m%^$

%^$Mens Hammer Throw%^$ 1. Roman Linshield, Ohio State 71.64m%^$13. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 47.90m%^$17. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 41.64m%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter dash%^$ 1. Agne Visoksite, McKendree 11.58%^$ 3. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 12.12%^$16. Lilyean Connolly, Ohio State 13.16%^$

%^$Womens 200-meter dash%^$ 1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 23.35%^$ 7. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 24.47%^$16. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 26.25%^$

%^$Womens 400-meter dash%^$ 1. Liz Grow, Notre Dame 53.59%^$ 9. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 58.74%^$

%^$Womens 800-meter run%^$ 1. Hope Sanders, Unattatched 2:06.63%^$ 2. Carrie Hoblet, Ohio State 2:07.43%^$16. Ta-Meika Brown, Ohio State 2:18.44%^$

%^$Womens 3,000-meter run%^$ 1. Lorilynn Hoffman, Unattatched 9:56.84%^$ 2. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:05.43%^$ 4. Karyn Kelly, Ohio State 10:19.65%^$

%^$Womens 100-meter hurdles%^$ 1. Katie Anderson, Puma 13.04%^$ 2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 13.41%^$ 6. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 13.79%^$13. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 14.69%^$

%^$Womens 400-meter hurdles%^$ 1. LeGretta Hinds, Unattatched 57.47%^$ 2. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 58.55%^$

%^$Womens 4×400-meter relay%^$ 1. McKendree 3:47.25%^$ 2. Ohio State 3:52.69%^$

%^$Womens High Jump%^$ 1. Jennifer Henglehedt, ND 1.72m%^$ 8. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 1.59m%^$

%^$Womens Long Jump%^$ 1. Desiree Cocks, Lindewood 5.89m%^$14. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 4.52m%^$

%^$Womens Shot Put%^$ 1. Dedra Nathan, Unattatched 14.70m%^$ 7. Karen Keys, Ohio State 13.06m%^$

%^$Womens Discus Throw%^$ 1. Katrin Koch, Unattatched 56.26m%^$13. Karen Keys, Ohio State 41.20m%^$14. Katy Craig, Ohio State 39.50m%^$

%^$Womens Hammer Throw%^$ 1. Toyinda Smith, Purdue 55.26m%^$ 8. Karen Keys, Ohio State 43.08m%^$ 9. Katy Craig, Ohio State 42.40m%^$

%^$Womens Javelin%^$ 1. Serene Crooks, Purdue 49.50m%^$ 4. Keely Hanciox, Ohio State 35.50m%^$