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Our Mission

The Ohio State Sport Nutrition department’s mission is to make nutrition the foundation of student athlete success using evidence-based practices in assessment, education and targeted nutrition interventions to optimize performance both athletically and academically, prevent injury and enhance overall health and long term well-being.

Our Goals

As Registered Dietitians (RD), it is our primary goal to provide high-quality nutrition intervention to promote student-athletes’ health and well-being as well as high achieving academic and athletic performance.

Our Staff

Our Services

Personalized, one-on-one or team nutrition counseling for the following:
— Performance Nutrition Therapy
— Medical Nutrition Therapy
— Lifestyle Nutrition
— Educational Materials
— Laboratory Services

Pre-event, during and recovery nutrition strategies
Muscle cramping
Weight management
Travel nutrition

Food allergies
Female athlete triad
Dysfunctional and disordered eating
Weight management
Injury recovery
Chronic or acute disease states (i.e. IBS, Crohn’s, celiac, diabetes, lupus, lactose intolerant, etc.)

Healthy dining hall strategies
Dining hall tours
Cooking classes and demonstrations (click to view)
Grocery planning and store tours
Healthy eating around holidays, vacations or breaks
Team meal and snack planning and set up as needed

Sports Nutrition Manual
Topic-based educational handouts on phone or hard copy
Team nutrition presentations (at least 2x per year)
Healthy Eating Survey
Weekly or monthly continuing nutrition talks (standardized 6-8 week series)
Team nutrition email/text blasts via Teamworks
Digital resources (Instagram: @ohiostate_sportsnut; Buckeye Fuel Zone televisions)
Taste test demos and education activities in Buckeye Fuel Zones or Schumaker/Woody Hayes dining facilities

— A SECA scan will provide an accurate body composition analysis including fat mass, fat-free mass, skeletal mass, and hydration levels.

— A DEXA scan is an imaging test that measures bone density. DEXA scan results can provide helpful details about your risk for fractures. This test can also measure your body composition, such as body fat and muscle mass.

Following a scan we will explain your results to you, work with you to figure out your nutritional goals and develop a plan to fuel your performance.

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