Jan. 30, 2016

Partner Stunt Qualifiers 

NCA Nationals

Congratulations to Carter Marsch and Taylor Rudy for qualifying for the 2016 National Cheerleaders Association College Partner Stunt Championships! Carter and Taylor are the first Ohio State couple to qualify for the partner stunt championship since 2007.

The NCA partner stunt championships will take place Saturday, April 9 in Daytona Beach, Fla. The top 11 couples from around the country qualified for competition. The structure for the performance is a 45-second routine highlighting the most creative, difficult and well executed stunts performed by the coed pairs.

The championships will air on CBS Sports Network in the weeks following the competition. Dates will be posted prior to the competition.

Previous Ohio State partner stunt duos to qualify for NCA Nationals:
2016: Carter Marsch and Taylor Rudy
2007: Ben Schreiber and Tara Warrens
2007: Steven Garrett and Ally Taulbee
2006: Ben Schreiber and Tina Meier