Feb. 14, 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State fencers Adam Crompton and Jason Paul won their respective saber divisions at the North American Cup Championships, Jan. 14-17 in Kansas City. Crompton won his title in Div. I men’s saber, while Paul was the Junior men’s saber champion.

Five other Buckeyes placed in the Top 10 of their divisions. Christian Rivera had a pair of Top 10 finishes, placing second in Junior men’s epee and ninth in Div. 1 men’s epee. Two fencers tied for third in their divisions, including Boaz Ellis in Div. 1 men’s foil and Amelia Gaillard in Div. 1 women’s saber. One other Buckeye had a Top 5 finish as Hanna Thompson placed fifth in Div. 1 women’s foil. In women’s saber, Eileen Grench placed ninth in the Junior division and 15th in the Div. 1 competition.

Also placing were Siobhan Byrne (12th, Div. 1 women’s saber), William Jeter (14th in Junior men’s foil and 15th in Div. 1 men’s foil), Jason Rogers (15th, Div. 1 men’s saber), Syvenna Siebert (18th, Junior women’s saber), Metta Thompson (15th, Div. 1 women’s foil) and Kaela Brendler (26th, Junior women’s epee).

Below are the current individual national rankings for Ohio State’s fencers.

U.S. Fencing National Rankings, as of Feb. 11, 2005
Senior Division
– Women’s Saber: No. 6 Amelia Gaillard, No. 9 Eileen Grench (Junior Div. fencer)
– Women’s Foil: No. 4 Hanna Thompson, No. 16 Metta Thompson
– Women’s Epee: No. 23 Kaela Brendler (Junior Div. fencer)
– Men’s Saber: No. 3 Jason Rogers, No. 6 Adam Crompton, No. 33 Jason Paul (Junior Div. fencer)
– Men’s Foil: No. 33 William Jeter (Junior Div. fencer)
– Men’s Epee: No. 23 Christian Rivera (Junior Div. fencer)

Junior Division
– Women’s Saber: No. 6 Eileen Grench, No. 24 Syvenna Siebert
– Women’s Epee: No. 6 Kaela Brendler
– Men’s Saber: No. 17 Jason Paul
– Men’s Foil: No. 16 William Jeter
– Men’s Epee: No. 5 Christian Rivera, No. 46 George Blackburne

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