February 15, 2020

OSU Women’s Hockey goalie juggles school, military service, and hockey pucks



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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State women’s ice hockey goaltender, Lynsey Wallace was featured on air by NBC4’s Whitney Harding Friday evening. The junior from Seven Hills, Ohio spoke with Harding about her decision to attend Ohio State, her role in the Ohio State ROTC program and her unconventional path to playing college hockey.


OSU Women’s Hockey goalie juggles school, military service, and hockey pucks

By Whitney Harding

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — There are two things in Lynsey Wallace’s life that have been consistent: family and discipline.

Family is how Lynsey got into hockey: her dad, older brother and older sister played, and so she followed their strides.

“I started playing when I was about three years old,” she explained. “I was a player for the first few years, and then I went through a little phase where I wanted to do everything my sister did. So, she became a goalie and I said, ‘Oh! I want to do that!’”

It turns out that Lynsey’s discipline for defense isn’t limited to the ice. She has always had ambitions of dedicating her life to military service – just like her grandfathers, older sister and older brother.

“When I was growing up everyone was always like, ‘Oh, she’s the fighter out of the three of us, like out of my siblings,” Lynsey said. “So it was always kind in the back of my mind.”

As she grew up, Lynsey’s discipline for hockey grew as well, meaning she had to put ROTC ambitions on the backburner. There was just something about goaltending that she couldn’t shutout.

“It’s a different mindset,” she said with regards to having a special mentality in the net. “You have to be okay with things coming at you super fast.”

Then life for Lynsey came faster than the hockey offers did. As a senior in high school, she already knew she wanted to pursue a degree in animal science and eventually become a veterinarian. So Lynsey had to make a couple bold decisions: first, she gave up the idea of college hockey, and second, she gave up the idea of attending Michigan like many of her family members.

Instead, Lynsey did an about-face: she chose Ohio State for the animal science program, and to bring ROTC back into her life.

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