January 22, 2018

OSU Rifle Rewrites the Record Books at TCU


Jan. 22, 2018

Team records were shattered over the weekend for The Ohio State University Rifle Team. The Buckeyes competed in two matches at TCU on Saturday and Sunday, breaking program records in smallbore score, aggregate score and 3-score average.

Coach Ryan Tanoue explains his admiration for the team’s performance over the weekend, “This weekend’s performance will certainly go down as a milestone in the history of our program. We fired a season-best score on Saturday, and followed that up with breaking into the 4700s to set a program record score of 4711 on Sunday. It was just incredible to watch.”

The start of competition on Saturday was a little rocky, as freshman counter Elizabeth Dutton fell ill after competing that morning. Though okay now, the illness held her back from competing for the team on Sunday. Coach Tanoue was impressed with how well the team handled Dutton’s illness, “This weekend also showcased the fight and resiliency of this team. Elizabeth really fought through illness on Saturday during her performance, and when she was too sick to compete on Sunday, the rest of the group just stepped up in a huge way to produce the best score in the history of our team.”

On Saturday, Ohio State competed with TCU (4717) and the US Coast Guard Academy (4540) and fired a team score of 4693. 

Saturday’s Results

In smallbore, the team fired a score of 2327, led by a personal best of 587 from freshman Elizabeth Dutton. Senior Joshua Black (582), sophomore Jacob Buchanan (581), senior Drew Cheezum (577), and sophomore Rhiann Travis (573) rounded out team scoring. Firing as an individual, senior Mark Matheny posted a 566.

In air rifle, the Buckeyes posted a score of 2365 led by solid overall performances from Rhiann Travis (593), Josh Black (592), Drew Cheezum (591), Elizabeth Dutton (590), and Jacob Buchanan (588). Firing as an individual, Mark Matheny fired a 581.

On Sunday, Ohio State competed again with the US Coast Guard Academy (4528) and fired a program record aggregate score of 4711.

Sunday’s Results

It was the first time in program history that the team broke into the 4700+ score level, and Ohio State became only the 7th team in NCAA history to fire a score over 4700, joining West Virginia, TCU, Kentucky, Alaska, Murray State and Air Force. Jacob Buchanan also equaled the program record individual aggregate with a score of 1181.

In smallbore, the team broke another program record, posting a team score of 2336. The Buckeyes were led by a personal best score of 589 from Jacob Buchanan. He was followed by season best performances from Drew Cheezum (585) and Rhiann Travis (581). Mark Matheny also posted a 581 while Josh Black’s score of 576 rounded out team scoring.

In air rifle, the team’s score of 2375 was only one point off the program record, led by a career-best score of 596 from Josh Black.  An excellent overall team performance in air rifle concluded the record-breaking weekend, with scores of 594 from Rhiann Travis, 593 from Mark Matheny, 592 from Jacob Buchanan and a 590 from Drew Cheezum.

Coach Tanoue weighs in on the impact the record-shattering weekend has moving forward, “I feel that in our sport the ‘4700’ number is viewed as a very significant score level to achieve, and I am so proud of all of the past and present athletes who have carried us to this achievement. This past weekend will certainly propel us forward with new vigor and enthusiasm as we head toward the PRC Championships.”

Catch the shooting Bucks back in action at the Patriot Rifle Conference Championships on Feb. 3 and 4 at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.